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Denise Gallagher (US) - Oct 2019

The week I spent with you, Alessandro, and our small group of six people was one of the most enjoyable weeks of my life! It is apparent that you gave careful attention to every aspect of our tour.

The towns we visited, the architecture, the countryside, the food were delightful. Visiting places is so much fun when there is someone like you who knows the history and the stories that make them unique. You and your family are such warm, friendly people.

It will be easy to relive that week with the magnificent slide show, set to music, that you gave us on the last night of our tour. You captured in pictures the essence of all of the places we visited and the expressions of happiness and wonder on our faces as we reacted to one great experience after another all week long.

I am already looking forward to returning for another tour with you!

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Bonnie Zogby (US) - Oct 2019

Interested in a fabulous tour of medieval towns in Tuscany and Umbria? Then look no further than Scatto Italy Tours.


Interested in an outstanding small-group experience with one-on-one interaction with the best guide in Italy? Then look no further than Scatto Italy Tours.

Interested in history, great food and wine? Interested in getting outstanding value for your money? Then look no further than Scatto Italy Tours.

How about a handsome, sexy, knowledgeable tour leader? You guessed it, look no further than Scatto Italy Tours. Not to fret, gentlemen, Alessandro is a man's man, who will give you plenty of alternative ideas than shopping with the ladies.

Have you guessed that our two-week tour, Oct. 13 - 26, 2019, was unique, exciting, fattening and fabulous? Five stars for Scatto Italy Tours!

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Leroy Farr (US) - Oct 2019

We just completed the two-week tour of Tuscany and Umbria with Alessandro.

The trip truly exceeded all our hopes and expectations and I can not say enough good about it. He is the perfect host and guide.


His knowledge of and passion for Italy and its people is truly outstanding and the way he explained everything to our group was super. He helped us explore the real Italy - it’s history, culture, food and wine. He made all this so interesting and fun! 


He was most considerate and accommodating, adjusting the pace of touring for our group and adding a visit to the American War Cemetery near Florence when a member of our group asked about it. Each day we dined in small family-owned restaurants in tiny villages where we experienced delicious local food and wine in a relaxed setting. 


The last evening, he surprised us with a wonderful video showing all the places we visited and all the fun times we had.  The memories we have will last a lifetime. Thank you, Alessandro, for making us feel so much a part of his culture and family.  We hope to return in the future for another Scatto tour


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Carolyn Cope (US) - July 2019 - on Facebook review also pictures

Wow, what an amazing family trip with Mimmo and Alessandro! I have always been hesitant to go on a tour because it seemed too touristy. Alessandro and Mimmo have taken tours to a whole new level! I end this week feeling like I am leaving family behind. Alessandro’s love and passion for what he does shines through with the most interesting details he shares, the amazing food and wine and his ability to find something for everyone in our group. There are so many amazing moments it is impossible to mention them all. The endless vistas, the way Mimmo and Alessandro were always smiling while VERY patiently waiting for us, finally having certified proof my son is crazy! For sure my favorite part was meeting Alessandro’s mother, Rosetta, who welcomed us into her home and shared her love of cooking with my son. I hope they are ready because we are already talking about when we can come back again! This is how everyone should see Italy!

Message number 79

Judith Cope (US) - July 2019


Thank you, thank you for our wonderful tour in Umbria and Tuscany.  It was one of the very best trips we've ever done.  We really appreciate the extra effort you took to keep Simon engaged.  He said to tell you he misses you and Mimo.  Let your mother know how much we enjoyed the time we spent at her house, watching her and Simon make the tiramisu, eating her delicious food, all while enjoying her hospitality.  Everything about the tour was perfect.

Message number 78

Jan and Alan Graham (AUS) - July 2019

We’ve just returned from a wonderful two weeks in Umbria and Tuscany with Alessandro.  Every day was a treat to look forward to- we saw charming hill towns and small villages, large cities full of history, amazing churches with so many different architectural features and great paintings, beautiful natural scenery of lakes, mountains, valleys and lots of lovely vineyards!  Alessandro is so passionate about the areas we visited and he brings to life the history of each place with funny stories and interesting tidbits of information to help you remember each place. We ate at many local restaurants, trying their specialities, and their various wines, and Alessandro has a personal connection with the owners of each restaurant. Our accommodation at the Relais San Clemente was excellent, and the lovely pool was very welcome after each day’s outing during hot weather. Mimmo is a very good driver and took us to the best position in each town to avoid lots of climbing, greatly appreciated in the heat. Alessandro has a very warm and welcoming personality and he made us feel at home from the time he and Mimmo picked us up in Rome until two weeks later when they left us at the airport. Nothing was a trouble to him and he was always tuned in to our interests, for example taking us especially to see a couple of small hill towns when he found that we were really interested in that type of town.  We won’t forget the gelatos at Lake Trasimeno! We even saw an episode of a popular TV show being filmed in Spoleto and a special celebration for Pentecost in Orvieto. We loved meeting Alessandro’s parents at their beautiful villa and shared a cooking experience and lunch with his mum.  Lots of unique experiences to always remember and treasure!  Thanks so much Alessandro!



Alan says hello!  Please give our best wishes to Mimmo.


Love from Jan x

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Lori Cardoza (USA) - July 2019 on Facebook

I had been to Italy before -- once on a big college tour, another time we stayed in a villa with friends and both were wonderful.

But nothing, nothing is like traveling with Mimmo and Alessandro. You will feel spoiled, you will laugh, you will be mesmerized by Alessandro's stories of history, daily living, art and food. And the food! Put on some stretch pants because you will want to eat every bite of whatever the local chef sets before you -- platters of carbonara, pecorino sliced with sweet pears and drizzled with acacia honey, a decadent Florentine steak, sliced table side. (I can go on here. . . trust me on this one!)

Every day Alessandro will take you to charming, tiny villages that seemed evoked by pure imagination, and then follow these off-the-typical tour places with the sites we all long to see: the gates of Paradise, the Duomos of Siena and Florence, Assisi.

Alessandro, and his reliable, kind, side-kick driver Mimmo, do every thing to make sure your adventure is 100% amazing.

Alessandro pays such rapt attention to what you enjoy, for instance he noted that I particularly liked to stop at the local street art vendors and thus gave extra time here, and that my sister truly loves tomatoes and so had the chef prepare something wonderful for her.

Alessandro is naturally curious, and so finds out all kinds of unique, funny, fascinating information and you will be spellbound by his stories.

And then, sometimes trips shift gears. Our brother was rushed to the hospital where we stayed two days. And that's when Alessandro and Mimmo went from being fun, interesting, wonderful guides and friends, and became who we will always refer to as our angels.

Both of these men went completely out of their way to help us with every issue, every emergency, every translation, staying up late into the night with us and making sure we felt safe and cared for.

I cannot begin to express just how kind, how reassuring, how helpful they were.

Take this trip. There is nothing else like it. I am home and am already dreaming of going again. Truly, it is what dreams are made of.

Message number 76

Jeanne Cardoza Nelson (USA) - July 2019 on Facebook

I am now back at work after an amazing 2 week stay in Italy.

Alessandro and Mimmo made the vacation a dream come true.

The small villages, amazing food, and the two men who at the end of our vacation became like family.

I cannot thank you enough for your kindness which was extended to us everyday.

You thought of everything from the wines, food choices to driving us to the top of the villages so we could avoid the heat.

Italy was always at the top of my bucket list.

Scatto Tours ensured that this vacation was a “homerun”.

Message number 75

John Orth (USA) - June 2019

So we are back from our week in Tuscany and Umbria with Scatto Tours.

How do you even put into words how unbelievably wonderful this trip was?

First you stay all week at the Relais San Clemente Hotel. Its ambience, friendly staff and outstanding food give you the first taste of how good this tour will be.

Then each day you go out to towns throughout the area. Your tour guide is Alessandro and your driver is Mimmo. Alessandro gives you the history of what you are about to see. Throughout the town  you get additional art, architectural and history knowledge that makes the sites come alive. And then instead of taking you to tourist restaurants, he takes you to family restaurants and chooses food indicative of that town and area. Each day we said it couldn't get better but it did.

And then you get to meet his mother Rosetta  who takes you through their small town and its market and then teaches you how to make tiramisu and serves you an incredible lunch! By the end of the week, Alessandro is no longer a tour guide...he is a friend and you start talking about going back for another of his tours!

If you have a small family or have three couples who want a trip you will never forget, one unlike all those other big bus tours...sign up now with Scatto Tours. You will not be disappointed--we weren't!

Message number 74

Jo Dinneen (USA) - May 2019

We arrived safe and sound from Rome. The video you made for us. It is very special and will help us remember our vacation and our time in Italy with you and Mimmo. Also ciao to Rosetta 
Mille Grazie, Alessandro e Buona fortuna con il tuo lavoro e la tua vita!
Ps I wish I could express in Italian more of what we feel about our time with you in Tuscany and Umbria. You taught us so much of the
spirit of the people of each town we visited and their fierce pride in their traditions and history. Every restaurant where we ate provided another lesson in sharing and appreciating Italians’ mastery of their cuisine and love for family and tradition and enjoying life with good food!  Because of your friendships with so many people you allowed us to feel so welcomed in Italy. Thank you again and again!  We wish you much good luck with your business and happiness in your life with Livia.

Message number 73

Tom and Marian D. (USA) - May 2019

Alessandro! We will never forget our trip to Italy. You went the extra mile (or Km) to be sure it met and exceed our expectations, Bravo!

Our "satisfaction" (Rolling Stones, 1965) will be shared with everyone we speak to about this great experience.

Tom and Marian

Message number 72

Terri and Jay Trew (USA) - May 2019

Dearest Alessandro, words simply cannot express the experiences we have enjoyed these past two weeks, the beautiful sights, sounds + food. We think of you as a friend and delighted in your company.

We are most appreciative of all you did to make this trip special for us.

Please thank your mother for the lovely, delightful day and "un ringraziamento" for a most memorable anniversary celebration.

We are thrilled to have a video of our many adventures.

We wish you much success and happiness

Ciao, auguri

Jay and Terri

Message number 71

George and Pam Boyle (USA) - May 2019

Alessandro, mille grazie for such a personalized tour! We never imagined a tour could be as thoughtfully constructed as this one. Every day AND lunch exceeded our expectations. We all enjoyed the many WOW moments.

Thank you we felt a personal connection to every place we visited.

Again grazie mille

George and Pam

Message number 70

Joan Lavin (USA) - May 2019

Alessandro, you certainly exceeded our expectations in every way.  Every day seemed better, more interesting, and exciting than the day before.  Your knowledge of and passion for your country’s history, the humor you added, the rumors and stories could not be surpassed.  Thank you for making us feel so much a part of your culture and family.  I can’t imagine any other tour leader being as knowledgeable, fun, gracious, and attuned to everyone’s wants and needs as you.  I especially thank you for allowing me to practice the little Italian language I know and helping me along the way.

You couldn’t have a more considerate and gregarious driver than Mimmo.  We loved him!  He was there every step of the way meeting any physical challenges needed such getting into and out of the van and walking those hilly streets.

Spending the day with your Mom was a highlight.  The tiramisu we made together and the lunch she provided was so, so delicious. Her homemade limoncello was yummy.  Please tell her how much I enjoyed practicing yoga with her.

Relais San Clemente Hotel was lovely.  The staff was exceptional and made sure our every need and want was met.  Dinner time in the restaurant with Luca and George was always a treat. 

The memories we have will last a life time.

Lastly, thank you for making sure Carole and I got onto the train for the next destination of your tour, Cinque Terre. 

I strongly recommend your tour of Tuscany/Umbria.  I would do it again.

Joan Lavin

Message number 69

Eloise N Cathy (USA) - May 2019

Had a wonderful time on your tours!!

I can't wait to go back

Message number 68 

Doug and Dianne M. (Canada) - May 2019

Alessandro's unique small tours are unlike any travel experience. Each morning starts with great expectations that are always surpassed! 

As we leave our quiet countryside Relais each morning, Alessandro gives unique histories or background for the next town; including pre-Roman and historic insights, gossip and rumors that augment each visit. Every lunch is unique, with local wines and dishes, and Very filling. 


He is very attuned to your interests and clearly shifts the day to meet your expectations. Clearly, he recognizes one's preferences and strives to meet them cheerfully and graciously! 

Doug & Dianne

Ballantrae, Ontario

Message number 67 - on facebook

Dennis Dixie Crabtree (USA) - Apr 2019

We can attest that the wine and food is so amazing that we toured twice. Each trip was unique. Love this group.

Message number 66 - on facebook

Joy Rose (AUS) - Apr 2019

Unbelievable local restaurants and food are featured during these tours.

Well worth it as you are not fighting with a lot of large bus loads of tourists.

Message number 65 - on facebook

Kim Moss (USA) - Apr 2019

Best vacation ever! Alessandro is the best host, best historian, best everything ! Attention to detail was outstanding but still felt comfortable and at home. Thanks for letting this crazy family from Texas sing in your van! We had the time of our lives! Only way to see Italy FB peeps!

Message number 64

Valerie C. (CAN) - Apr 2019

Scatto Tours was unable to accommodate us on one of their tours.  However, Alessandro, the owner of the company, offered his assistance as we made alternate arrangements.
He has answered my many questions, provided contacts, given us informed local advice, and made transportation arrangements on our behalf.
He responds to e-mails promptly and follows through on any commitment.  We certainly hope to tour with him in the future and would be confident that he would provide a well-organized and exceptional experience.
My advice to anyone hoping to book with Scatto Tours would be to reserve early!”    

Valerie, Vancouver, Canada

Message number 63

Jerry Pettit (USA) - Apr 2019


we cannot begin to tell you how amazing and great our time in Italy was, so much of it due to your guidance and welcoming personality.  You made each of us feel welcome and at home the whole trip.

Jerry Pettit

Message number 62

Julie Sundermier (USA) - Apr 2019

It has been completely unacceptable that I haven’t provided this review earlier since a year later we still talk about how amazing of an experience it was and how we want to go back! Alessandro was a great guide. We were on the first tour of the year and can easily see he was a professional who knew the historical intricacy of each region. We were driven to different cities in the Umbria and Tuscany region each day. We were amazed at the differences of each city and how they each were unique and magnificent in its own way. Alessandro was able to answer all of our questions and provide us answers to questions we didn’t even know to ask. One of the best parts was the food, we were taken to different and uniquely amazing restaurants each day. We were able to explore not only the culture of Italy but the food and wine of the area in a way that we would not have experience without Alessandro. We also stayed at his family’s villa after some unseasonably cold weather that broke a pipe in the hotel he planned. This was an serendipitous event in that we were able to have his mom’s Rosalina amazing home cooking and learn more about the Italian culture and what makes it so special. This is the best way to not only see Italy but experience what make it so unique and special. We are looking forward to our next tour with Alessandro and would recommend this 100% to anyone that asks.

Julie Sundermier

Message number 61

Pat Chapman (USA) - Oct 2018


When I first contacted you to help my friend, Joni, plan a special birthday trip I never even thought I would be going.  I was so happy when Margaret and I were invited to join Joni's daughters and granddaughter to celebrate her turning 70.

While I had wonderful recommendations from our friends, Rick and Gloria O'Neill, I could never have anticipated exactly how fantastic the trip would be.  Beginning with my very first inquiry until you dropped us at the airport, you made us feel like we were your only guests!  Every effort was made to accommodate our group aged 10-74.  Joni could hardly stop smiling (or crying tears of emotion) for the entire trip.  Your efforts to engage Addie were really special.  Her daily challenges kept us all part of the hunt for obscure things in each town.  The special birthday dinner in a castle overlooking the Umbrian countryside will be a memory we will all cherish.

Mimmo was such a kind and patient driver.  He was so gracious to us and we all managed to communicate despite our language differences.  Joni said one of her most special memories is Mimmo wishing her a very clear "Happy Birthday" !

The stay at Bella Magione was like having our own little mansion.  Rosetta was charming and we loved our meals with her.  It was always a pleasure to see her when we returned and recount our day's adventures.  The pizza and tiramisu lessons are ones we will use at home.  Having her show us the garden, explain all the herbs she grows and show us the ready to be harvested olives was very special.  We loved walking to the market and watching her greet everyone. 

You have found the perfect job  - your knowledge of Italian culture, the history and traditions of Tuscany and Umbria, the special restaurants and sites to visit are all combined with your enthusiastic approach to life.  Between us, we have taken many tours in many countries and several continents and we all agreed we'd never had a better guide or spent a more enjoyable week.

We are already looking ahead to see which trip we might book next - although I think you're so booked we have to wait until 2020!


Pat Chapman

Message number 60

Lindy Murray (AUS) - Oct 2018


We recently enjoyed a two week tour of Tuscany and Umbria with Scatto Italy Tours. The trip truly exceeded all of our hopes and expectations.

Travelling with Alessandro was more like exploring central Italy with a very clever friend, than being on ‘a tour’.

Alessandro’s attention to detail, incredible knowledge and personable nature ensured that the only decisions we had to make each day were what to wear and what coffee to have - and he even helped with that!

During the two weeks we got away from the usual ‘tourist route’ and instead explored the real Italy - it’s history, culture, food and of course, wine.

Throughout the two weeks Alessandro was a masterful story teller - weaving his amazing knowledge of Italian history, interesting anecdotes and bizarre curiosities together to teach us about the real Italy of past and present.

Every day we explored somewhere new, ate local delicacies, enjoyed regional wines and met wonderful Italians.

Mimmo’s careful driving and local knowledge of roads and towns ensured that we were always driven right to, and collected from, where we needed to be - no being dropped off outside of towns like the people on the big tours, or retracing our steps to reach the van. 

Staying in one location for the fortnight meant we could unpack and make ourselves at home at the Relais San Clemente - a beautifully restored monastery built in the 1300s on the banks of the Tiber River. 

We can’t recommend Scatto Italy Tours highly enough - our two weeks were perfect with just the right balance of learning, exploring, eating, drinking and relaxing. 

Thank you Alessandro for a holiday we will never forget

Lindy Murray

Message number 59

Mark Kirk (US) - Oct 2018

Life is made of memories and Alessandro and his group helped create special memories for our group of six that will last our lifetime. Everything was so well coordinated...the transportation, the meals, the information on all the great places we were taken to, everything went without a hitch. We tried to "stump" Alessandro with our many questions, but he had all the answers. If you are looking for a trouble free trip to Italy where everything is provided, this is the package you want to pick.

Message number 58

Patti Portnoy (US) - Oct 2018 (video on our Facebook page)

They say a picture is worth a thousand words so I am sure this video speaks volumes. This was taken only hours after Alessandro and Mimmo, our driver, picked us up at Rome airport. That was the beginning of our incredibly fun, amazingly memorable vacation. Thank you Alessandro for taking care of our every need. (Looking for and finding my boots.) Your knowledge of Tuscany and the way you educated us was fun and refreshing. Rosetta it was a real treat when you invited us into your kitchen to show us how to make tiramisu. We had a blast! You also taught us Italian eating etiquette (no bread with pasta!). I hope that anyone that is wondering if real people are writing these posts, they look at the video and see for themselves that actions speak louder than words.

Best vacation ever, and I have taken many vacations over the last 40 plus years! Thank Fernando too for his hospitality!

Message number 57

Joni Muskovitz (US) - Oct 2018

I just returned from a one week trip to Umbria to celebrate my birthday with my daughters, granddaughter, and two close friends. After reading many reviews about Alessandro's trips, I knew this would be a special trip for all of us. I really can't say enough about Alessandro's knowledge of the culture, history, and art of the area as well as his warmth and personal attention to every detail. We all are trying to figure out when we can do another trip with him! This was a birthday I will always remember thanks to Alessandro, Mimmo, and Rosetta. GRAZIE!

Joni Muskovitz, Ann Arbor, Michigan

Message number 56

Dempsey Kirk (US) - Oct 2018

We just returned from a week in Tuscany and Umbria with Scatto Tours, and I can’t say enough good things about it. Alessandro was the perfect host and guide. Every detail was covered from arrival to departure. The accommodations, the food, the beautiful towns and villages were amazing! Alessandro’s knowledge, his warm and engaging personality, and his genuine desire to make our trip memorable really did just that. If you’re considering a trip to Italy, do yourself a favor and book with Alessandro!!!

Message number 55

Suz Prough (US) - Sep 2018

Dear Alessandro,

Buongiorno!  It took a while to respond because it’s been super busy at work!  Special thanks to Mimmo, Fernando & Rosetta.  I had the best time on our Umbria/Tuscany journey.  You are the best host with great knowledge of the history of the places we visited.  You have a terrific sense of humor and picked the best restaurants for fabulous lunches.  Your Mom is a spectacular cook and I will always treasure her dishes and cooking lessons.  A friend at work created a DVD for me, Patti, Cherie, and Debbie of our trip. I hope to journey again with you on another tour, maybe 2020.  Thank you again for an unforgettable voyage!!!  I love Italy and all you guys!!  Thank you!!! 

Suz Prough

Message number 54

Cheri Kemp Sayers (US) - Sep 2018

Where do I start....how to put into words the experience of a lifetime. Living the Italian family lifestyle. Tasting fabulous wines & feasting on delicious foods of the Umbria/Tuscany region of Italy. Alessandro of Scatto Italy Tours provided a personal family oriented experience that I’ll never forget. Two glorious weeks of learning the history of St. Francisco & strolling through quaint villages was like stepping back in time to become a part of mid-evil history. Averaging 5 miles a day...walking up & down steep paths/streets...shopping in boutiques & eating my way through Italy has became a favorite pastime. I highly recommend everyone to add Scatto Italy Tours to your bucket list. It’s truly a once in a lifetime experience. I’m so thankful I was a part of our sisterhood girls excursion, meant my wonderful new Australian friends & cook in mama Rosetta’s kitchen. Ciao!

Message number 53

Dwight and Jeannette Little (US) - Sep 2018

Wow! Our one week tour was almost beyond superlatives. From our pickup in Rome on Sunday to delivery back to the airport hotel on Saturday, it was all a seamless operation. The itinerary was professionally planned and executed, still leaving us time to enjoy the property and neighborhood of the Relais San Clemente. I would encourage future visitors to take advantage of the hiking and biking trail along the Tiber river. We met very friendly neighboring property owners during our late afternoon walks. As a gardeners ourselves, it was interesting to see the fruit and crops as harvest time was nearing.

Alessandro, Mimmo, and the staff of the Relais San Clemente attended to our every need in a way that was effortless and made this the best trip possible. We left Italy with memories for a lifetime. Alessandro's ability to pick up on our preferences and incorporate them into our tour each day was a professional touch that was much appreciated. Our conversations with Mimmo added brevity during our daily drives. Both have a great sense of humor and kept us laughing each day.

For anyone reading this and considering a small group tour, let us encourage you to stop looking any further and book with Alessandro! Just sit back and enjoy the history, scenery, food, wine and people without having to worry about driving or where you are going to stay. Remember, value is when you get what you pay for, and this trip was a true value!

We truly miss you. You surpassed all we thought possible.

Dwight and Jeannette Little

Lincolnton, NC

Tour Date: September 9th to 15th, 2018

Message number 52

Jerry Humphreys (US) - Sep 2018

Susan & I miss Italy 🇮🇹 & especially you & Mimmo. We’ve told all our friends what a special time we had because our your personal tour &  hospitality. Your history of Italy and your presentation was incredible!

Can’t wait to return & see Southern Italy & Amalfi Coast.

Message number 51

Dotty Hartnett (US) - Sep 2018

I just wanted to thank you and Mimmo for sharing the front with me so I could take the trip with Karen and Pat’s family...

The trip was phenomenal. Your obvious passion for history and your country certainly made it special, as well as your attention to detail. My favorite was, no surprise, both St Francis’ sites. Still trying to understand why I was so moved by them, but St Francis is now a part of me!

The lunches wine, wine and wine were wonderful and I didn’t gain a pound. It was charming to be in the local places with you a part of the restaurant family.

Thanks to Rosetta, I have thrown away my olive oil for the real thing.

Anyway, what I’m trying to say is thanks for making my trip to Italy memorable.

Until next time,



Message number 50

Greg and Laurel Oates (US) - Aug 2018


Just so you are aware, I kept speaking the Italian words I learned during our River cruise.  😊


So we had a most wonderful time with you, Mimmo and your family.  This is something we will NEVER forget.  Don’t think any vacation or travel will ever be able to top our time with you.


The people we met on the River Cruise know all about Scatto Italy Tours.  I had to provide your site address to about 8 people. 


I bought some mellon and prosciutto to add to our meal.  You can be sure you will be in our thoughts.


Notice I have included a photo of our mantel with the wood cup that Mimmo made, it will be there forever.


Grazie for all the special care you took of us. 


I tuoi amici (I looked this one up),

Greg and Laurel Oates

Message number 49

Tom Grove (US) - Jul 2018

Dear Alessandro,


Sorry this has been slow in coming, but know that you have been in our thoughts and conversations many times.


I’ve wanted to commend you, praise you, and offer our deep appreciation for your services which made our two weeks with you absolutely unforgettable. You were amazingly knowledgeable about the many localities, attentive to our comforts and interests, and always presented yourself in a manner that was energetic and inspired our interest. I am convinced you are the world’s best tour guide for Italy. But as if that was not enough, you gifted us with the most wonderful photo/video memory book which we’ve already watched and shown others many times. You are a superb photographer, capturing the moment and the scenes wonderfully well, and then arranging them so skillfully. Your work and your time you put into that is something we will enjoy many times.


On top of all that, you made our entire time, from arrival to departure, so very much fun.

Wonderfully well done, Alessandro, and our deep appreciation,

Tom Grove

Message number 48

Angelika and Graeme Dean (AUS) - Jul 2018


Dear Alessandro,

We are finally home and have now recovered from jet lag. Our next step was to look again at the slide show reminding of time spent with you, your family and Mimmo.

It is a tour we will never forget.

We appreciated the way you interwove the themes of religion (especially St Francis) and state when explaining architecture, art and history of the towns we visited in Umbria and Tuscany. Your succinct overviews of what we could expect at each town added greatly to what we then observed. Especially relevant were the many quirky points of interest you alerted us to and your explanations were both informative and humorous.

Alongside the knowledge we gained, we successfully ‘battled’ each day to consume the authentic regional cuisine and selected wines when we lunched at your chosen restaurants. Contrary to your promise this did result in some weight gain. Everything was delicious. In the evening we were spoilt by Rosetta preparing Umbrian dishes and eating them in your beautiful garden. Some relaxation over coffee on the front verandah was possible before retiring to our comfortable and well appointed rooms.

The repartee between yourself and Mimmo, both verbally and the hand gestures, provided an additional Italian element to what was an unforgettable tour.

Thank you for a very special time. You have a great talent for engaging with people and showcasing your heritage. It is terrific how you are channeling your photographic skills to produce a bespoke slideshow for each group as it provides them with a lasting memory and great advertising to their friends.

It would be lovely to welcome you to Sydney one day.

Warm regards to you, Rosetta and Mimmo from Angelika and Graeme

Message number 47

Donna Grove (USA) - Jun 2018

We just returned from an incredible two weeks trip in Tuscany and Umbria with Alessandro of Scatto tours. We had been to Italy before on a large group tour, but there is no comparison. If you want to experience authentic Italy, with great service, this is the tour you want. We didn’t feel like tourists; it was like visiting a friend or relative in Italy who was showing us his favorite places. Alessandro has an incredible knowledge of the history, traditions, food and wines of the regions. He is charming and fun with a passion for history. Every day, our tour was filled with wonderful views, great food and wine, learning a few words of Italian, laughter and even some happy tears. Every day we visited one or more towns in the area, and Alessandro explained the history of each region, and let us wander on our own. Every lunch we sampled the cheeses, meats, wines, local specialties of the area. Alessandro would often serve us the food. He has a wonderful relationship with restaurant owners so we were warmly received and given special treatment. We went to places the tour buses can’t get to, and special places Alessandro knew we would enjoy.

The tour description says “all inclusive” and it really is. Each day we were treated to a cappuccino stop, and so much food and wine we couldn’t eat and drink it all. We were chauffeured around in comfort by Mimmo. He and Alessandro know the local activities and traffic patterns which minimized time spent in traffic. We celebrated our anniversary while in Italy, and Alessandro arranged a special lunch, and a bottle of prosecco left in our hotel room. You will never get a higher level of personalized service anywhere than from Alessandro. He was very responsive to our comfort needs and customized the itinerary to our interests. We even learned to make tiramisu from his mother Rosetta.

Throughout the trip, Alessandro took photos of us and the destinations, even the wine labels; which meant we didn’t need to spend our time taking pictures. We joked that he was the paparazzi. On the last night, he surprised us with an hour long video he made of our trip. He must have spent hours editing and assembling the pictures into a video, and adding music, even finding the song that a street musician had played in Montepulciano. What an incredibly thoughtful gift! We returned home with wonderful memories and new friends in Italy.

Grazie mille Alessandro for truly the trip of a lifetime!

Tom and Donna Grove

Message number 46

Cheryl Pace (USA) - Jun 2018

We spent an amazing week with Alessandro and his driver Mimmo.  Our days were filled with beautiful scenic drives, medieval villages (some off the beaten path we never would have known about),  stunning architecture,  delicious food in local restaurants, and last but not least, lots of good wine! Alessandro is very knowledgeable about the local culture and history of each town. A highlight was his mother Rosetta's cooking class and lunch for us at his parents' villa in Magione. I think Rosetta should write a cookbook and sell it. I am still trying to decipher the two recipes my husband wrote as I mixed and kneaded!  Alessandro was always sensitive to any of our needs.  When we come back to Tuscany and Umbria, we will call Alessandro. 

Message number 45

Kevin Cooney (USA) - Jun 2018

A wonderful week with Alessandro. He took care of everything, from the moment he picked us up in Florence until he dropped us off at our hotel in Rome. The food was spectacular and the lodging terrific.

Message number 44

Asuka Okajima (JAP) - Jun 2018

I cannot thank you enough to Alessandro!! Thanks to him, I could spend wonderful time in Italy. Not just only to visit the places, he told me the background story of the places. It made me experience new and special tour. If I have another chance to visit Italy, I really want to ask him to guide me again!

Message number 43

Paul and Maya Blunchi (AUS) - May 2018

Dear Alessandro

We would like to thank you again for the wonderful week we had with you, your mum and Mimmo. This was our best tour ever. You are the perfect story teller and we learned a lot about the present life and the history of Umbria and Tuscany.

The photo presentation was a great surprise. We will happily show it to our family and friends.

We also would like to thank Mimmo for the way he drove us to all those places. We felt very safe all the time.

We enjoyed staying at the Villa and the time with your mum. The cooking lessons were fun and the visit to the market informative.

We will happily recommend you and your company to our friends and acquaintances. You live in a most beautiful area and the buildings and history are just incredible.

With our kindest regards

Paul and Maya

Message number 42

Chesley Krohn (USA) - May 2018

Dear Alessandro,

Miss you and Mimmo so much. I have already shared our wonderful experience with several friends and advised them to make plans to visit Italy with you. Oh, my! You were so fabulous and the week surpassed all expectations.

Thank you again for showing us your Italy - Umbria and Tuscany.

Love, Chesley

Message number 41

Kevin Cooney (USA) - May 2018

Dearest Alessandro,

Thank you for everything you have given us this week. It has been beyond all my expectations. This is our tenth year of travel with Charles and Chesley and we all agree that the personal care from you and companionship has been superb! The daily tours, the lunches, everything has been spectacular.

I will personally continue to recommend you, and it is my great hope to come be with you again in the coming years.

We love you, young man,

Kevin Cooney

Message number 40

Maria Grey (USA) - May 2018

We had an amazing trip to Umbria and Tuscany with Alessandro and his driver Mimmo.

It exceeded all our expectations ~ Alessandro picked us up at Rome airport and we spent the week with him touring towns and villages, eating the most amazing local foods, tasting the local wines, learning how olive oil is made, cooking class and on and on. His knowledge of culture and history is remarkable and  explained in a charming way.  We were two couples and all four of us loved the trip ~ and we would definitely use him again for another tour of Italy

Message number 39

Julie Sundermier (USA) - March 2018

Thank you so much for the video of the tour, is awesome!  Still working on getting back into the normal routine, but we had an amazing time! Will send you a full review later


Message number 38

Darlene Throndson (USA) - 2017

Hello Alessandro & Rosetta,

We have been back a little over a week now from our wonderful trip to your beautiful country Italy. I want to thank you for such a great tour of all the quaint little villages that are nestled in the hills. The countryside is so beautiful with the olive trees and cypress trees.

Alessandro you are so knowledgeable on all the history of each village and all the churches and cathedrals. You were so very kind to me and I loved the we would stop for each morning. The lunches were absolutely wonderful. Loved the little 93 year old lady in Siena.

Rosetta your dinners were delicious and the presentation was lovely. I really enjoyed the cooking class I had with you and how you can tomatoes. Your home is beautiful and we had wonderful  rooms to stay in especially me being in the master suite,

I enjoyed every minute of the trip and will always remember your family for the wonderful time we had in Italy.


Darlene Throndson

Message number 37

Catherine Stapleton Nance (USA) - 2017

This was an amazing trip from start to finish! We three couples who went together had a wonderful time. The trip and Alessandro’s guidance exceeded our expectations!

Message number 36

Prudy Markos (USA) - 2017

Six of us spent the first week of Oct '17 with Alessandro Scattini, an extremely personable, caring and incredibly knowledgeable tour guide. No detail was overlooked. We were"in his care" from early morning til evening with neither a moment of boredom nor any cause for complaint which is amazing for a group of seniors! We saw marvelous  historic and picturesque towns, laughed a lot , learned a lot, ate too much(well worth every calorie) and delighted in his picks of the local wines.

Our hotel accommodations at a rehabilitated 13th century convent

were as perfect as our daytime tours.

I have been on many outstanding trips to Italy but this week with Alessandro shares top billing. I'm counting on these fantastic memories of bellissima Italia to help me through the upcoming cold, snowy winter days here in New England.

Grazie mille Alessandro per tutto.

Message number 35

Jamie Aramini and Michael Pettersen (USA)

Umbria/Toscana Tour - September 2017

A Testimonial about Value

When we spend our money, we expect value in return.  Mostly, we are satisfied with the returned value.  Sometimes, we are annoyed when the value is less than expected.  Then there are rare instances when we received so much more than expected. This was our experience with Alessandro Scattini.

Let’s confirm the Umbrian/Toscana norms: the small, hilltop towns are quaint and lovely; the scenery and views lifted from Italian Renaissance paintings; the food and wine incredibly delicious; the peace and tranquility addicting; the villa where we stayed idyllic, art and history lay around every corner. The residents were friendly and helpful, even when communication was limited by language. 

Umbrian and Toscana are magical;

all that we expected.

What we did not expect was elucidation, awe, warmth, adventure, laughter, spiritual awakenings, and tears of joy. Alessandro, his driver, his mother Rosetta, and his father Fernando welcomed us with open arms and open hearts.  Alessandro wanted to know us as much as we wanted to know him and his land.  He customized our tour as he learned about our interests: St. Francis sites for Jamie and illuminated Gregorian chant manuscripts for Michael. We dined at superb hole-in-the-wall restaurants in tiny villages where Alessandro was so trusted he was welcomed in the kitchen to serve the food.  Rosetta took us to the market and gave cooking lessons. In the evenings, we played music, sang, and even danced a bit. By the end of our week, we felt like members of the Scattini family.

The value we received cannot be expressed in Euros nor the memories described in mere words. Alessandro provided a life-altering experience.  Put yourself in the hands of this intelligent, caring young man for a week or two.  He will provide an experience of priceless value to warm your heart for a lifetime. Mille graze, dear Alessandro.

Message number 34

Steve and Alison Trytten (USA) - 2017

We had the most wonderful week with Alessandro, beyond our wildest expectations. Each of our six days was magical in its own way. Alessandro’s passion for Italy and Umbria is contagious. He showed us things we would never have found on our own. He was also a fountain of interesting historical background information. Upon our return to the villa, Bella Magione, each evening, the magic continued as our hosts Fernando and Rosetta (Alessandro’s parents) treated us as part of the family. Each night Rosetta prepared a delicious dinner for us, and explained how a “little birdie” had told her what each of us liked. We give Alessandro’s tour a higher rating than anything else we’ve rated - ever. We can’t wait to come back for another tour with Alessandro.

Buona fortuna from Los Angeles - Steve and Alison Trytten

Message number 33

Gretchen Bartosch (USA) - 2017

What a wonderful time my husband and I and four of our close friends had in Italy with our favorite tour guide Alessandro. The Villa in Magione is beautiful, very comfortable, and spacious.  My husband and I stayed in the suite with the balcony, which overlooked the pool, gardens, and incredible hillside views in the distance. Our hosts, Rosetta and Fernando, were very gracious and attended to our every need and desire. I was craving a tall glass of ice with coke in it. We learned that buckets of ice are not a typical household item. Alessandro saved the day and found us ice :) Rosetta's cooking is wonderful and we so enjoyed her teaching us how to make real Italian pizza and tiramisu! But Alessandro was our favorite part of the Villa experience. He is witty, charming, intelligent, and as eager to learn as he is to teach (i.e. 'apart from jokes' translated means 'all kidding aside') (haha) Alessandro clearly enjoys sharing his extensive knowledge of the local history and architecture. He took us out to new adventures every day. And we stopped at local restaurants every day for lunch where we ate, drank wine, and laughed like we were kings and queens, while Alessandro served us and entertained us with the local folklore. We all agreed it was a trip of a lifetime.

Ciao from Rochester, NY - Gretchen and Bill

Message number 32

Tim, Mary and Tess Bracken (USA) - 2017

Alessandro, thank you for making our visit to Italy very memorable.

We appreciate you sharing your knowledge of history of the area.

We very much enjoyed our stay and all of the sites. We hope to visit Italy again one day... until then we hope many blessings come your way!

Tim, Mary and Tess Bracken

Message number 31

Elaine VanOverbake (USA) - 2017

Our group can not say enough nice things about our experience touring Italy with Alessandro!!!!

He is knowledgeable, fun loving and consistently goes above and beyond. He, along with Rosetta and Fernando, helped us understand and love this country and customs, truly a gift.

If you would like a genuine taste of Italy, you could not do better than allowing

Alessandro to coordinate your tour.

Message number 30

Alex Vinogradov (USA) - 2017

Alessandro, thank you very much for discovering for us beautiful Umbria as well as Tuscany.

We had a great time and were very impressed with your enthusiasm and love of Italian history

and culture. We loved the places we visited and food we ate was absolutely delicious

without single exception.

All the best from your friends in Michigan

Thank you

Message number 29

Kathleen and Olaf Takvam (USA) - 2017

Dear Alessandro,

We have returned home with so many wonderful memories from your  tour.

We could fill a book with all the exceptional times we enjoyed with you.

Your company is First Class in every aspect. You have created an exceptional business that provides something very special to your clients. Limiting your groups to six people made it so personal.

Your friendly, caring and FUN personality made everyone feel so comfortable instantly.

Your impressive knowledge of history and the fascinating details you shared every day gave us insights that continually excited us. You took us to places that most trips would never include. Every day was so well planned with a "secret place" each afternoon that would delight us. We wanted authentic Italy, and you gave it to us daily. You gave us a lifetime of memories to treasure.

The hotel you chose was perfect in every way.

The rooms, restaurant, staff and property were a pleasure.

It would be impossible to adequately describe the incredible restaurants you chose each day. Each was an authentic Italian family place where our multi-course meals and endless wine were a gourmet feast! We have never tasted anything like it in America. You took such pride in presenting us with something we'd never forget. Dancing with Pietro, the Italian "Elton John" was a thrill in one restaurant, and meeting a world renowned Italian artist, Giampietro Cavedon, and his family in another restaurant is a moment we will never forget.

As a fellow artist, I treasure the painting he gave us.

Taking us to your Mama's house for cooking lessons was extra special. Your parents, Rosetta and Fernando, are lovely and we enjoyed our meals with them so very much. Walking and shopping with Mama in your village immersed us in the Italian life, especially meeting and chatting with her friends.

The drivers, Leonardo and Franco, you have chosen for your tours were much more than professional and courteous drivers who make us feel comfortable and safe. Their warm and friendly personalities made them feel like friends. They were attentive, charming and much fun.

I'm still singing VOLARE in the Italian Franco taught me!!

As you know we purchased a beautiful piece of pottery in Pienza. It is a beautiful, artistic rooster that we have named Alessandro. It is unique, colorful and makes you happy, just like the guide from whom it got its name!! It is prominently displayed in our house and we think of you often as we see his open beak ready to regale us with an interesting tale.

We thank you for the gift you gave in this very special trip and wish you much success and happiness. Most of all we wish you and Livia  a lifetime of sharing many joyful moments.

We hope you come to visit us.

With much appreciation and friendship,

Kathleen and Olaf Takvam

Message number 28

Rebecca Baker (USA) - 2017

Alessandro's service and attention to detail has been extraordinary. We are at the end of our 2 week vacation and are not ready to leave the beauty of Umbria and Tuscany as seen through the eyes of Alessandro. Alessandro, thank you for making our vacation very special and unforgettable.

Message number 27

Tricia Lay (USA) - 2017

Hello Alessandro, I wanted to thank you again for a truly fantastic trip for all of us. We thoroughly enjoyed each day. You made everything so easy and relaxed for my mom. You had her in tears, which was very heartwarming for gina and I. And, of course, the laughs!! So much fun!

Thank you thank you! It truly was one of the best travel experiences thanks to you!

Much love,


Message number 26

Florence Dickson (USA) - 2016

I first learned about Tours by Alessandro in 2013 while searching the web for small group tours in Tuscany.  After reviewing the details of the tour and emailing Alesandro, I was totally convinced I would one day soon take this tour.  I passed the information on to a close friend who immediately found a couple of other friends to make up a party of six and the plans were made for the Fall of 2016.  We have just returned from the tour which was beyond our expectations.  It was a well

organized tour and Alessandro was an excellent guide who had an in-depth knowledge of each and every site we visited and a good level of friendly humor.

I must also comment on the drivers who were very courteous and very professional. 

Staying at the Villa was a dream.  Meeting such a wonderful family, Rosetta, Fernando and Alessandro was indeed a bonus.

In my opinion, this was a “Five Star” experience all the way!

                                        Florence Dickson


Message number 25

Eileen and John Bussenger (USA) - 2016

Normally, I am the organizer of vacation travel for my husband and I, as well as for our friends when we travel with them.  I enjoy researching accommodations and sights to see, based on everyone's preferences.  However, a friend suggested trying Italy Small Group Tours.  Well, folks, hands down, this was the BEST vacation I have had...and with none of the planning!  Alessandro is a wizard at what he does:  introducing his guests to his beautiful corner of Italy...Umbria...as well as Tuscany.  He is a wonderful guide, charming, polite, having great attention to detail.  With 5 minutes of meeting Alessandro at the airport, we felt like friends with him and his driver that day, Leonardo.  Every day was a journey to a lovely town, where Alessandro would explain the history and point out details that we would never have learned in our own.  It is apparent that Alessandro is passionate about where he lives, and he immerses his guests in the local culture.  He would afford some time for the ladies to poke around the local shops, then whisk us off to a family-run trattoria, where we enjoyed homemade food and wine. After our day of touring, we would return to our accommodations , run by Alessandro's gracious parents, Rosetta and Fernando, for dinner lovingly prepared by Rosetta.  We started each day with a nice breakfast, also prepared by Rosetta.  Our sleeping quarters were comfortable and attractive. We felt as if we were at the home of long-time friends, and by the end of our week, we were all very sorry to say goodbye...for now.  Thank you, Alessandro, from the bottom of our hearts.  We hope to return sooner rather than later.  Say hi to the pups and kitty for us!

Eileen and John Bussenger

Message number 24

Mary Fagan (UK) - 2016

A week touring with Alessandro was the best ever!

Alessandro’s thoughtful organization of each day, his consideration of the interest of his guests, and his emphasis on not just showing you Italy, but immersing you in the history, food, and culture of Italy receive my highest recommendation. I am recommending this tour to all who ask.  No one will be disappointed, and you will leave Italy with fabulous memories!

Message number 23

Jimmy and Maria Lennon (US) - 2016

Feedback from Jimmy: "We had a great time and when we where looking at places and things we had someone telling us the whole background story of what we where looking at.... I would highly recommend them.. One of the best vacation I ever gone on"

Feedback from Maria: "If you're looking to experience Italy rather than tour Italy, this would be the way to go."

Message number 22

Maureen and Keith Hallett (AUS) - 2016

Dear Alessandro, having arrived home following our great two weeks experiencing the real Italy, we would like to express our gratitude to you for your high standard of excellence. As you were aware this was a return visit for us having been involved with your family on three previous occasions. This time we wanted to share the real Italian experience with four of our family, who had not previously travelled to Europe.

We all thoroughly enjoyed your engaging , warm, caring personality, your attention to detail and effortless organisation as you gave of yourself and as we shared the cuisine of each area with the taste of the local wines and it was an enjoyable  experience, as you taught us the Italian way to appreciate your food and wine.

The thoughtfulness of your drivers who often showed us more by returning home a variety of ways as well as their superb driving kept us safe.

Alessandro we consider you a great Ambassador for your country.

Naturally after so many return visits we would highly recommend this experience to all who would like to personally share the real Italian way.

Maureen and Keith

Message number 21

Delwyn and Russ Hallet (AUS) - 2016

Thank you for two weeks of splendid, amazing memories.......anyone thinking of doing a tour here, in Italy, Alessandro Tours is the first thing you book. Absolutely brilliant, thought provoking, mind blowing, and history one on one. Alessandro and his staff of professional drivers take care of your every need. You become family instantly. Thank you Alessandro

Message number 20

Janna and Rick Maul (US) - 2016

What do we say to those thinking about coming to Italy? Please do not pass up this opportunity to immerse yourself in the real Italy. If you go you will be have the rare pleasure of living the life of an native Italian as from the moment you arrive you are treated as one of the family by Allesandro and his parents. In fact you are living, eating, traveling and visiting with them every day of your stay.

You will visit large and small towns throughout Umbria and Tuscany, learn the culture and history of the area beginning with the Etruscan, whom Allesandro proudly counts as his people. 

You will eat the simple and delicious foods of the region that has been prepared by wonderful chefs in their restaurants in a different town every day with local superb wines served right along side (no Coca Cola though). You are driven throughout the area by extremely capable drivers that are wonderfully gracious from morning till evening. We were impressed with the attention to the little details which made each day so enjoyable.  All in all, this is an experience of a lifetime.

     Sign up and maybe we will see you the next time we come.

Janna and Rick Maul

Message number 19

Diana and Craig Smith (US) - 2016

We loved our adventure in Italy with you.  You made all of the buildings come alive with your knowledge of the history and stories surrounding them.  I realized this morning that I took over 1600 pictures!!  That tells a lot about a trip when you want to capture

that many moments and memories

Thanks, again to you, your drivers and your sweet parents

for making our 25th anniversary a trip I will always treasure

Message number 18

Christine and George Duncan (AUS) - 2016

Had a wonderful time touring Umbria with Alessandro. He has wealth of knowledge

Message number 17

Carlene Cameron (AUS) - 2016

We had a very informative and fun time with Allessandro, Rosetta and all the people who made our trip so enjoyable. The food and wines were very good. Would love to do another trip

Message number 16

Larry Brede (US) - 2016

The tour with Alessandro was the best tour we have ever taken!  It is "non-touristy" and well worth the value.  We enjoyed the Umbrian and Tuscany countrysides, the beautiful country hotel we stayed in, and of course Alessandro.  He is knowledgeable, has a great sense of humor, and tailors his tours to the guests who are with him (we were in a group of 4).  Each meal was fantastic and I like Alessandro's all-inclusive approach.  Do not miss this opportunity!

Message number 15

Karen Schleicher (US) - 2015

We had a wonderful time touring with Alessandro. He has a passion for his region and for sharing it. He has an engaging personality and works hard to make everything go smoothly. We traveled in a comfortable mini-bus with very pleasant drivers. We enjoyed eating at non-touristic places with simple, delicious food, where he acted as if he were hosting us in his home.

Message number 14

Dan DeCambra (US) - 2015

A great tour with wonderful food. Alessandro was very attentive and knowledgeable about history, wine and many details that we would not have known otherwise. He was the perfect mix of professionalism and friendliness that made for a fantastic trip. I hope to do another someday. Absolutely top notch.

Message number 13

Richard Rose (US) - 2015

Five members of our family spent a wonderful week with Alessandro touring, eating and drinking our way through Umbria and Tuscany. He is a pro - intelligent, articulate, funny, knowledgable and a gentleman. From stopping for a daily, mid-morning Capuccino to arranging the most fantastic daily lunches at small, out of the way, family restaurants, Allesandro saw to our every need. We could not have asked for a better guide and teacher about the Italian experience. I should add that one of our party was mobility impaired, and this was the perfect way for her to experience Italy.

We're all homesick for Umbria and Alessandro's warmth and good nature

Message number 12

Kathy and Rob

Melbourne, Australia

Sept/Oct 2015

Alessandro, I would like to thank you for showing us how to live like a local in Umbria and Tuscany and the time we spent with you was definitely the highlight of our 5 weeks in Italy. Our lunches were truly memorable and we would never have been able to find such fantastic restaurants on our own. 

The extra care you took to make sure that Rob was able to participate and see so much despite his limited mobility was hugely appreciated and your clever planning made sure that you were still able to share the wonderful places on the trip with me. I would also like to make special mention of our drivers who went out of their way to get the car into and through the most amazing placed to save Rob from having to walk too far

From the minute you picked us up in Rome until you dropped us off at Fiumicino airport we felt we were travelling with a friend who took care of our every need and ensured that we got the most out of our tour

Your engaging personality and wonderful smile will be remembered for a very long time as will the fabulous lunch with your mother, Rosetta, whose recipe for Amaretto desert will become a favorite way to bring back the memories of our trip

Message number 11

Sammie Owens (US) - 2015

It was a fabulous trip! We had so much fun!

Thank you for being such a wonderful guide. It is a trip of a lifetime! I would do it again and again.

Sammie & Greg, Florida - USA

Message number 10

Linda and Bud (CAN) - 2015

Greetings Alessandro,

We are home now and I want to thank you for a great week .

We had a super time with you and your driver touring us through Umbria and Tuscany.

Thank you for arranging our transport to Bologna

Ciao from Barrie,

Linda and Bud

Message number 9

Claire Padial (US) - 2015

Dear Alessandro, thank you for a truly enjoyable trip.

I saw so many beautiful places but, more importantly, I felt that I was traveling with a member of my family. You have a gift of making one feel comfortable, safe and at ease.

Your smile and warm personality are like a ray of sunshine.

Message number 8

Nicole Michel (US) - comment on Facebook 2015 

We are in Perugia. We absolutely LOVED our tour today with Alessandro! Such wonderful people and an amazing story teller! Thanks for the suggestion! We've had a blast while we've been here!

Message number 7 

Dottie Hankins (US) - 2014

As I awakened very early this morning suffering from jet lag, I lay in bed thinking about our trip .

While we waited in airports and carried on conversations with other travelers, I realized that this was not a tour, rather it was an Italian experience. For two weeks we traveled, ate, laughed, and became more familiar with a country we love... plus began a possible addiction to lite coffee. It was obvious that the six of us had fallen in love with an Italian family. This doesn't happen on a tour. You have designed and perfected a business surrounded with education, passion and fun. The word 'lunch' has taken on a new meaning for me, as our lunches were a blast . You will remain in my heart, and from now on , I shall close e-mails with Love Dottie instead of Saluti Dottie . We are all blessed to have been together. Love, Dottie


Message number 6

Judy and Paul (US) - 2014 

Alessandro, we loved travelling with you in Umbria and Tuscany! Your passion for this beautiful area is true and we discovered the real italian places and as you say.. we have learned the art of your style living! We enjoyed meeting your girlfriend too and we wish the best for both of you!

Ciao from Aiken

Judy and Paul

Message number 5 

Jack and Jackie (US) - 2014 

When booking we were expecting a tour with a local... we didn't expect to fall in love with all your tips and tricks on how to enjoy food and history! I keep recommending you to all our friends and we will come back for sure!

See you soon in U.S.

Jack and Jackie


Message number 4

Buster, Karen and Sarah (AUS) - 2014 

Dear Alessandro, thank you so much for having shown us some spectacular Italy we neither know it was existing... avoiding touristy places gave us so much more! Thank you also for having arranged your tour on our walking capabilities, I really didn't think we could visit so much


Karen, Sarah and Buster


Message number 3

Marcia and Peter (US) - 2013 

Alessandro, after that you dropped us off in Rome we started a cruise and we visited some beautiful places in Greece... but I have to be honest, nothing compared to the week we spent together! As I told you when we left you exceeded all the expectations

we had. Your ability to match our needs with sightseeing was amazing. We would love to come back one day, you can not get rid of us!


Marcia and Peter


Message number 2

Betty (US) - 2013 

I really cannot begin to tell what the trip meant to me. It was the very best trip I've ever had. We truly had a wonderful time. In a small group you learn so much more history and through your expert planning and knowing the land as you do, it was very meaningful. What can I say about the wine and food. Trying to describe the meals to others is quite impossible !! It was truly a wonderful experience in every way, and we promise not to give away any secrets if we tell others. Please come to visit. I would look forward to having all of you in our home" American Style" but I won't make you drink a Diet Coke!!!

All my love to all.

Saluti, Betty


Message number 1

Vince and Darlene (AUS) - 2013 

Alessandro, both of us would like to say how much we enjoyed our time with you. We gained so much insights into your culture, delicious food and history during our tour. Thank you for allowing us to share time with your lovely girlfriend. We hope the business is thriving.

Love and best wishes

Vince and Darlene

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