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Message number 141

Date: Sep 26 2019

Name: Lynn

Surname: Reese

Country: USA

Our group of 6 older women just returned from our adventures with Alessandro on the southern 2 week trip to Amalfi and Sicily. This is our second trip with him. We travelled with him 3 years ago to Tuscany and Umbria and thought we  knew what to expect. Well might I say he exceeded all our expectations. From the moment he and Mimmo , our driver, picked us up in Rome we were swept into a whirlwind of food, drink, sights, history, and beautiful lodgings. Our every need was taken care of. We rekindled our friendship and came to know Mimmo as a great friend as well. Mimmo is a very skilled and capable driver. I truly can’t even imagine  trying to navigate the roads on our own. A wonderful experience and memories to last a lifetime but that being said I can’t wait to return to Italy again and have Alessandro show us more of his beautiful country. His tours are truly more than the web site promises with little surprises along the way. It is truly all inclusive once you arrive. He takes care of everything , Including our 10 am cappuccino.


Message number 140

Date: Sep 22 2019

Name: Maureen

Surname: Roe

Country: Usa

They say the second time around can be the best. After traveling to Tuscany and Umbria with Alessandro 3 years ago ( which was great) this time it was the Amalfi Coast and Sicily which was absolutely fantastic!!
From the moment I saw his smile greeting us at Fumicino airport to the weepy goodbyes 2 weeks later everything was beyond my expectation
Mimmo our driver was such a gentleman and despite not speaking English we could communicate easily with some translation from Alessandro
The Amalfi Coast is beyond beautiful with a wonderful restaurant introduced to us by Alessandro. Our tour of Sicily from Capri, Pompei, Taormina, Palermo and more was not only beautiful but with Alessandro’s history lessons and the guides he arranged at the UNESCO sites was also educational.
Every accommodation fit our needs perfectly and all of Alessandro’s restaurant pics had the most delicious food with the local seafood and delicacies!
Never question seeing Italy with Alessandro and Mimmo. They are the best and I miss them already. Til 2022 when I will venture back to see my friend and travel to the North!!!

Message number 139

Date: Aug/03/2019

Name: Sue and Don

Surname: Haberkost

Country: Usa

Dear Fernando and Rosetta, I am still thinking of our wonderful trip to Italy….the best trip ever!!! Don and I want to thank you for making it such a wonderful memory. All the beautiful towns, the hotels, the fabulous lunches, and our “daily” cappuccino!! And of course your villa was fabulous, our view from the Master Suite was wonderful!! Rosetta was the perfect hostess, enjoyed our breakfasts and dinners, and especially our day with her in the kitchen, going to the market. Fernando…….a special thank you. Maybe someday we will come back. Italy is so beautiful. Spreading the word about Fernando, Rosetta, and Alexandro!!! Love to all……. Sue and Don Haberkost

Message number 138

Date: Jul/31/2019

Name: Jerry & Patty

Surname: McAleece

Country: Usa

Fernando: Thanks again for a fabulous 2 weeks. It is by far the best Europe vacation we have spent. Also the most personal, you made us feel like family, and your insights to life in Italy were priceless. Also thank Rosetta and Alesandro. Remember a visit to Aiken invite is always open. Regards Jerry & Patty

Message number 137

Date: Jun/24/2019

Name: Rich and Cheryl

Surname: Cipolla

Country: Usa

Fernando and Rosetta We had a fabulous vacation in Italy. Thank you for showing us the amazing towns and sights in your beautiful county. We loved the delicious local food and wine. You made us feel like family in your awesome villa. The wonderful pictures will help us recall the fun and awe we felt in so many places. You helped us fulfill the happiness rule of St. Francis. We are working on poverty and simplicity. Again our sincere thank you for an unforgettable vacation. Rich and Cheryl

Message number 136

Date: May/09/2019

Name: Susan

Surname: Eanse

Country: Usa

“We have just returned from our third trip with Fernando to various parts of Italy. Each trip has been different and enchanting. We have learned so much about this beautiful country and the wonderful people from each part. The attention to detail is unsurpassed no matter where you stay or what you eat and drink or what you see along the way. We think this last trip to Italy was just a dream now that we are back home! We will treasure our awesome memories for many years to come. Susan Eanes

Message number 135

Date: Apr/28/2018

Name: Susanne

Surname: Hall

Country: Usa

Fernando the trip was a dream come true. You planned the trip so perfectly and all we did was sit back and enjoy. Thank you so much. Susanne hall

Message number 134

Date: Apr/28/2019

Name: Mary Beth

Surname: Waggoner

Country: Usa

Susan had told me how wonderful your trips are, but .... Our trip was beyond my high expectations! The relaxing travel in your van, gorgeous scenery every day, beautiful and yummy cappuccinos, special tours and consistently amazing meals, not to mention your charming Italian personality. Thank you for so many lifetime memories! God bless. Mary Beth

Message number 133

Date: Apr/23/2019

Name: Jauan

Surname: Ferriter

Country: Usa

Thank you so much, Fernando. I think you did a great job and will cherish these pictures for ever, as well as the time we spent with you on this incredible journey. Hugs to you my new Italian friend. Jauan

Message number 132

Date: Dec/04/2017

Name: Dennt and Sue

Surname: Scalise

Country: Usa

Greetings Fernando and Rosetta, I hope all is well with you. Sue and I made it home safely, but very tired. That is a long, long day. But we had St.Francis for inspiration. Please accept of biggest "Grazie Mille" for the day and night we spent with you. Words can not say how nice you made us feel. You are truly very special people. We hold your friendship in our hearts always. Until we meet again, Denny and Sue

Message number 131

Date: Jul/12/2017

Name: Machiko

Surname: Toya

Country: Japan

Dear Rosetta and Fernando We are all very well, thank you. 3 weeks passed since we came back to Japan. And we still have great memories . We really enjoyed our stay the two weeks flew by so quickly. Thank you for a wonderful time in Italy. Thank you so much for your very warm and gracious hospitality. We hope to see you again next year. Machiko Chizuko Akemi Nobuko Nobuko Hiroko Rosetta You are really miracle !! beautiful , hard worker and smart !! Machiko

Message number 130

Date: Jun/30/2017

Name: John

Surname: Robilliard

Country: Australia

Hi Fernando, Thank you for your outstanding hospitality on our recent trip. I really enjoyed myself even more than the cruise thanks to your efforts. I hope you enjoy your trip to Poland and most of all your son's wedding.

With best wishes to,you mad your family

Saluti John

Message number 129

Date: Apr/03/2017

Name: Ed & Dee

Surname: Noll

Country: NC - Usa

Hi Fernando, We can not say enough of how much we enjoyed our tour. We enjoyed being with you again, and we had a great time, seeing the sites, eating the great food, drinking the young wine of each region we visited. Your personal touch in the selection of the towns and villages, restaurants, the local food, and wine made our tour that much better, then we could have ever dreamed. All the restaurants that we ate at and all the hotels that we stayed in were top notch. We felt so welcome and comfortable, at these places, and the fact that you knew so many of the hotel staff and restaurant families, made us feel part of them, and very welcome in Italy and Sicily. We will highly recommend the South of Italy Tour - Amalfi Coast and Sicily to all of our friends and families, and that we would do this same trip over again, in a heart beat. We will also tell family and friends how much we enjoyed your personality, your good humor, your wonderful jokes and sayings, and your detailed knowledge and history of the areas. After our first meal and full day with us, you were able to analyze each of our likes and dislikes, related to food, so you modified our future meals, on the run, for the total group. That comes from your forty-four years of experience in the restaurant and hotel business. Again, Dee and I can not express to you, in meaningful words, the great and wonderful time we had with you and our group. The best of health to you and your family, and may your family's future be the best ever. We love you Fernando. Ed and Dee Noll Chocowinity, North Carolina

Message number 128

Date: Mar/31/2017

Name: Larkin

Surname: Sharon & Bud

Country: NC - Usa

Dearest Fernando, You are amazing! Many great memories. Thank you so, so much for everything. It was a trip of a lifetime and you made it special. I sincerely hope we will cross paths again in the future. Arrivederci, my friend, until we meet again! Love you, Sharon and Bud

Message number 127

Date: Nov/12/2016

Name: Judy

Surname: Fletcher

Country: Usa

Traveling with Fernando is a dream come true. You arise in the morning to a perfect breakfast and then depart on the most wonderful day with the most interesting history of his country with a mid-morning stop for the best cup of cappachino you will ever have followed by a lunch for the gods personally planned and served by Fernando. An afternoon of breathtaking scenery and more history presented wonderfully. Some personal time each day before dinner which is equally as good as lunch. Local wines served with each meal. You will want to secure your next trip even before your trip has ended. The best personal service ever. Judy


Message number 126

Date: Nov/01/2016

Name: Susan

Surname: Glaze

Country: Usa

Dear Fernando, I had such a good time!  You (and Italy) have a place in my heart forever. Susan G


Message number 125

Date: Oct/20/2016

Name: Lesley and David

Surname: Fairhurst

Country: Usa

Dear Fernando, Thank you for another memorable holiday! You introduced us to authentic Italian hotels with caring owners and staff, and fantastic food wherever we went. The itinerary you arranged introduced us to more of your beautiful country and we had a wonderful time. Most importantly, though, your concern for everyone's well-being and comfort made our trip. Your good humor was amazing and you had infinite patience with us all! Thank you again and very best wishes to you and Rosetta and your family. With love, Lesley and David


Message number 124

Date: Oct/15/2016

Name: Laurie

Surname: Lesick

Country: Usa

Dear Fernando, we are just getting home this morning. We wanted to thank you again for a wonderful trip. As always, you are a wonderful host, and we had a great time. Thank you so much, and let's keep in touch. Laurie


Message number 123

Date: Sep/25/2016

Name: Ellen

Surname: Sherman

Country: FL -Usa

Dear Fernando, I want to express my thanks for the wonderful trip you planned. So many memories to sort through... Have an enjoyable fall season. Sincerely, Ellen Sherman


Message number 122

Date: Jun/12/2016

Name: Gail

Surname: Baker

Country: NY - Usa

Hello Fernando, I had a wonderful time and an unforgettable experience touring Italy. Thank you so much. You were a wonderful guide and so patient with all of our requests. You're the best! Fondly, Gail

Message number 121

Date: Apr/26/2016

Name: Jeanne

Surname: V

Country: Syracuse - NY - Usa

Fernando, I had a wonderful time. Thank you for providing such an excellent experience. Thank you, Jeanne

Message number 120

Date: Apr/08/2016

Name: Rich and Marcia

Surname: Grau

Country: Tucson, AZ - Usa

When we arrived at the cruise terminal in Venice, Fernando and Rosetta were waiting for us and our friends, Jim and Janis. It had been ten years since we first met our Italian friends but it only took seconds to reconnect. We were starting our four day trip together through parts of Northern Italy. Fernando and Rosetta’s warmth, friendly conversation and knowledge of the area set a wonderful atmosphere for our tour. We traveled through the Prosecco wine region stopping at quaint towns and historic sites. We used Hotel -- in -- as our base to explore Lake Garda and the surrounding area and ended our time with them spending the day wandering through beautiful Milan. Along the way we stopped at cafes for cappuccinos, wine tastings and Italian cuisine as only Fernando and Rosetta can share with their guests. Touring with them create wonderful memories that last a life time. Fernando and Rosetta, thank you. Rich and Marcia, Tucson, Arizona Again thanks for everything and there is always a room at our place if you head our way. Saluti !!! Rich and Marcia

Message number 119

Date: Oct/25/2015

Name: Carol Lynn and Bill

Surname: Halal

Country: Washington, DC - Usa

Dear Rosetta and Fernando: I want to tell you again what a wonderful experience you gave us. The food, the sights, the history, the scenery were all wonderful, of course. But getting to know you was the big treat. You and your sons are fine people. It was a privilege to live in your home and to enjoy your life. I know you must have many adoring clients who want to see you, but Carol Lynn and I would be honored to have you visit us if you are in DC. Hope the dogs and the kitty are well. We love them too. Bill

Message number 118

Date: Oct/05/2015

Name: Jane and Randy

Surname: Hunter

Country: Pittsford, NY - Usa

Buongiorno! Hope I got that right!! Finally, a moment to write to you! Last week Randy and I had the most wonderful, exciting, happy week we have ever had while traveling. It was such a special privilege to be a part of your beautiful family, and to completely immerse ourselves in your Italian culture. We learned so much, and enjoyed every moment we were with you. There is no way the experience could have been any better! Your Villa is absolutely lovely, and so comfortable and relaxing. Rosetta, your meals were delicious, and you also taught us how every meal is eaten. All of your stories were so interesting and fun, and made our meal so enjoyable. We loved the cooking lesson, and every time I look at the video I took of Randy kneading the pizza dough and throwing it down I have a good laugh!! What fun!! Fernando, your planned trip every day to the various places was amazing. We saw and learned so much, and every day was special. It was a marvelous itinerary, and there was no question you could not answer. Your knowledge of the history of every place that we went was absolutely astounding, and we loved the way you blended the life of Saint Francis into the entire week. The places we ate lunch were so unique and the food was fabulous! And driving through the countryside was so lovely. (I did not sleep, and loved every moment of the views out of the window of your great new van!) And, what we will remember most was the smiling faces of both of you…..every day. Such wonderful hostess and host! We were SO lucky to hear about the week with you from friends, and it is something we will never forget and always cherish. Our thanks and appreciation to you both. We miss you, and we hope to keep in touch. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts, and we are grateful we had the opportunity to learn about your beautiful country. With love and many blessings, Jane and Randy

Message number 117

Date: Jul/05/2015

Name: Tom and Karen

Surname: Wirth

Country: South Carolina - Usa

Rosetta and Fernando, We want to thank you again for the great time we had in Magione. I am sure your new guest are now starting to enjoy a great experience. Being travelers for many years, it was the perfect travel for Tom. I have many pictures that need to be edited of your beautiful country. This will take me awhile. All of us had safe travels home and are now trying to get our bodies conditioned to the American time zone. I hope I will be able to duplicate some of the great food we had in Italy, especially at Bella Magione. God bless you both. Tom and Karen Wirth

Message number 116

Date: May/03/2015

Name: Edie

Surname: Hubler

Country: USA -- Aiken, SC

My second time with Fernando, but this time two weeks with you in the south of Italy and Sicily. Though we traveled with you 3000 miles, once again, your graciousness and warmth were wonderful, not to mention the food (octopus?) and endless yummy wine -- my friends who travelled with me could not believe how right I was when i told them "you will see." Thank you so very much for being you and for sharing your Italy. Can't wait for my return in 2016 for the next trip with you. Please tell Rosetta hello and sorry we did not get to see her this time. Remember, my home in Aiken is open to you anytime -- you have many friends here! Ciao, love and remember "see you tomorrow" -- Edie

Message number 115

Date: Nov/05/2014

Name: Vincent

Surname: Gatto

Country: Usa


Message number 114

Date: Oct/04/2014

Name: Carol and Jim

Surname: Henderlong

Country: SC - Usa

Fernando and Rosetta, It has been a week since we have been home back in Aiken. Our minds and our hearts are so filled with the best of memories because of you both. Jim and I agree that our week with you both was the ultimate highlight of our first ever visit to your beautiful country Italy. Our other Italian journeys before and after our week with you can not compare to what you both have given us. You have given us moments that we will treasure for a very long time! Most fondly, Carol and Jim

Message number 113

Date: Sep/12/2014

Name: Denny and Sue

Surname: Scalise

Country: United States

Hello Fernando, Rosetta, and Alessandro Words cannot express what a wonderful time we had with you this summer. This being our 3rd stay with with was more enjoyable than ever. I will never forget my 60th birthday spent which such wonderful people in such beautiful surroundings. We love staying with you so much that we feel guilty that some of our friends and family have not had such a wonderful experience. That is why we had to bring Sue's sister this time. We now have lifetime of memories and good flavors to share. Thank you Fernando for all of the wonderful sights and tastes and Rosetta thank you so much for making us feel at home in your home and the many "special favors' that you always do. Because of you Italy is forever in our hearts.

Message number 112

Date: Aug/01/2014

Name: Betty

Surname: Holloway

Country: SC - Usa

I really cannot begin to tell both of you and, of course, Alessandro, what the trip meant to me. It was the very best trip I've ever had. We truly had a wonderful time. In a small group you learn so much more history and through your expert planning and knowing the land as you do, it was very meaningful. What can I say about the wine and food. Trying to describe the meals to others is quite impossible !! It was truly a wonderful experience in every way, and we promise not to give away any secrets if we tell others. Please come to Aiken to visit. I would look forward to having all of you in our home" American Style" but I won't make you drink a Diet Coke!!! All my love to all. Saluta, Betty

Message number 111

Date: Jul/10/2014

Name: Dottie

Surname: Hankins

Country: North Little Rock - AR - Usa

As I awakened very early this morning suffering from jet lag , I lay in bed thinking about our trip . While we waited in airports and carried on conversations with other travelers , I realized that this was not a tour , rather it was an Italian experience . For two weeks we traveled , ate , laughed , and became more familiar with a country we love... plus began a possible addiction to lite coffee. It was obvious that the six of us had fallen in love with an Italian family . This doesn't happen on a tour . The three of you have designed and perfected a business surrounded with education, passion and fun. The word ' lunch' has taken on a new meaning for me , as our lunches were a blast . Rosetta , you showed 6 Americans how meals are supposed to be prepared and served with grace and elegance . Would you please send me the recipe for the macaroni dish with tomatoes which we had the first week . I forgot to get it . You three will remain in my heart , and from now on , I shall close e-mails with Love Dottie instead of Saluti Dottie . We are all blessed to have been together . Love, Dottie

Message number 110

Date: Jun/05/2014

Name: Terese

Surname: Bueker

Country: Spring - TX - Usa

It's hard to believe it has been 2 months since we stayed with y'all, and I've not yet taken the time to tell you what a wonderful experience it was! Even though it rained much of the time, we still managed to see so much of the beautiful countryside in Tuscany/Umbria. It truly is the green heart of Italy. Fernando was the perfect host, and we felt like we were traveling with an old friend. He took us to some great places for lunch, and I DID survive without Diet Coke for the most part! We have already shared your website with several people, so I hope you get some business from that. We've got some really nice memories of our trip: exploring Rosetta's yard and garden, the St. Francess hilltop experience, wonderful food, the burned toast and Rosetta saying "Momma Mia!" to Gwen's delight, and the laughter we shared with you two and Alessandro. I'm sure you're proud of your son, and I hope he does go into the business with y'all; he'd be great! I'm sending the picture I took of the family just before we left. After our experiences in Rome and Florence, I read an old book that Bob had read in college and enjoyed -- The Agony & Ecstasy by Irving Stone (1961), which, as you probably know, is about Michelangelo. We saw so much of his work on our trip that it made me curious. What a thrill to think we were actually there! Rome and Florence were beautiful, but we will remember our week with you as the best part of our trip to Italy. Terese

Message number 109

Date: May/25/2014

Name: John

Surname: Hooke

Country: SC - Usa

Fernando and Rosetta, Thanks once again to the two of you, and to Alesandro, for making our stay in Umbria and Tuscany a wonderful experience. You were superb hosts, and we cannot think of anything you could have done to make our trip any better!. Jack and Gail Hooke

Message number 108

Date: May/05/2014

Name: John

Surname: Robilliard

Country: Australia

Thank you Fernando. I had a fabulous holiday. I cannot believe how much we saw in such a short period .You were such an excellent host looking after everyone so well. You will always be welcome in my house. With best wishes John

Message number 107

Date: Mar/03/2014

Name: Edie

Surname: Hubler

Country: USA -- Aiken, SC

Hi Fernando, I can't believe it's been a year and half since we were there. Our group had a fabulous time, and I'm bringing another group over in April 2015 for another fabulous trip. And best of all, my original group (me, the Lesick's, the Crino's and the Fairhurst's) are returning in Oct. 2016 for yet another Fernando led tour. Yes, these trips are worth a return. You are the best. See you soon! Edie Hubler

Message number 106

Date: Nov/15/2013

Name: Judy and Neal

Surname: Janaushek

Country: NY - Usa

Dear Fernando, As we relay the details of our trip with you to family and friends, we find that we're almost running out of superlatives to describe it. How can we adequately express our sincere gratitude to you and Rosetta for once again allowing us to experience Italy as if we were traveling with family? The vast variety of places visited, the pacing of the trip, the delicious food, and the lovely wines all added to the total experience. Remembering the visit to the tiny village in the north that holds special meaning to our family puts a lump in my throat every time. You did not have to do that, and yet you did. It is just one more example of why being able to travel with you is such a blessing. Your primary concern is always the comfort and well being of your "guests". Who would want to see Italy any other way?! You've allowed us to see the authentic Italy, and we are forever grateful. Thank you, thank you! Most sincerely, Judy and Neal Janaushek

Message number 105

Date: Nov/12/2013

Name: Luis & Phyllis

Surname: Encinias

Country: USA

Dear Fernando & Rosetta: Thank you very much for the wonderful two weeks that we spent with you in Umbria and Tuscany staying in your Bella Magione. You are outstanding hosts, tour director, cook, cooking instructor, and Rosetta is also a very good doctor. Your villa is truly “bella.” This was one of the best and most unusual vacations that we have ever had. Our daily excursions to the many medieval towns and villages in Umbria and Tuscany were special. Fernando’s knowledge of Etruscan and Roman history and culture made our experience that much more interesting. Your selection of the many trattorias and ristorantes where we had lunch everyday was superb. Then to return to the villa and have a lovely dinner prepared by Rosetta completed our day. Thanks again to Rosetta for helping Phyllis when she was not feeling well. Rosetta’s cooking class and the tour of the olive oil processing site were very informative. Thank you also for helping me celebrate my birthday; I will always remember it. You are both warm and gracious people and we hope that we will see you again, if not in Italy, then maybe here in North Carolina. If you ever come to North Carolina, we would like for you to be guests in our home. Saluti. Luis and Phyllis Encinias

Message number 104

Date: Oct/25/2013

Name: Lee & Dorie

Surname: Covert

Country: Aiken - SC - Usa

Hi Fernando and Rosetta: We’re finally back to almost normal here in Aiken and are catching up on things. I just wanted to write and thank you for another wonderful visit. Our kids felt it was the best vacation they ever had and were so impressed with the both of you. For Dorie and I it was like coming home. What a good feeling. You truly are friends. We enjoyed seeing some of the same places again, but you know what? seemed like we were seeing them for the first time again. We loved it. Your Aiken friends, Lee & Dorie Covert

Message number 103

Date: Oct/12/2013

Name: Michael

Surname: Geoghegan

Country: Chocowinity NC USA

Fernando and Rosetta, Thank you for making our 6 days in Umbria/Tuscany truly memorable. We wish you and your family nothing but the best of everything. Be well. Mike

Message number 102

Date: Aug/07/2013

Name: Kathleen and John

Surname: Pearson

Country: SC - Usa

Dear Fernando: Many thanks for providing a wonderful second visit with you to Italy. Northern Italy was simply a terrific experience. The beautiful scenery, history, wonderful food (and the special dinner at the castle), "too much" wine, and the delightful stays at the three small, family-run hotels made for an unforgettable trip. The special treat - seeing "Aida" at the Arena in Verona - was indeed special. Kathleen and I thank you so much for what you do. Our best wishes to you , Rosetta, and your family for a happy, healthy, and prosperous year. Kathleen and John Pearson


Message number 101

Date: Jul/07/2013

Name: Myra and Leo

Surname: Toomajian

Country: Usa

Dear Fernando, We must take this time to write and thank you for our incredible vacation in Italy with you. The beautiful lakes and seas, the majestic snow-capped mountains, the magnificent cathedrals and castles, and the wonderful people who shared with us their food, wine and customs were all blended with your rich knowledge of the history of Italy. Our senses were stimulated with the tastes of local food and wine, the beautiful flowers seen everywhere, the music and splendor of Aida, and the relaxing motion of traveling via van, bus, train, ferry and gondola. We saw Italy as it is today and how it was thousands of years ago through your ever-smiling eyes. It was the trip of a lifetime, never to be forgotten. Thank you for sharing your country with us....we have left a bit of ourselves in Italy. Our love to Rosetta. Arrivederci, Myra and Leo

Message number 100

Date: Jun/12/2013

Name: Patty & Jerry

Surname: Weyrauch

Country: North Dakota - Usa

Jerry and I just want to thank you again for the most impressive vacation we have been on. We told everyone we came into contact with on the flight home about our amazing time with you. One of the stewardesses on our Rome flight wanted to hear all about it and wanted the information. Patty & Jerry

Message number 99

Date: May/20/2013

Name: Gary & Alice

Surname: Allington

Country: Usa

Dear Fernando and Rosetta: Alice and I feel so blessed to have had the opportunity to spend two weeks in your lovely home and country with two of the most incredible people we have every met. You have both given us the opportunity to truly experience the Italian culture and style of living. Thank you for your willingness to go above and beyond to make our visit so memorable. We love you as if you were our children and will keep you in our prayers and memories forever and ever. Blessings, Gary & Alice

Message number 98

Date: Apr/25/2013

Name: Wendy & Richard

Surname: Parker

Country: Australia

Hi Fernando We're now home in Canberra and at last a chance to thank you and Rosetta properly for the wonderful time we had with you in Umbria. For us it was the holiday of a lifetime; we feel so blessed and lucky that Lesley found your website, decided to act on it and then asked us to join her and Don on your tour. Little did we know what a life changing experience we were in for! You and Rosetta seem to have the happy knack of making your guests feel as though they're the most important people in the world. No wonder you have so many people wanting to come back to your warm hospitality. Those two weeks in April were like an awakening. Our days were replete with history, spirituality, art, brilliant architecture, beautiful scenery, wonderful Italian food, great wine, cappucinos, camaraderie, music and lots of fun! Fernando, you are the best "teacher" of Italian culture because you are passionate about your native land and its treasures. You are very caring and attentive of your guests and you give them an Italian experience that is totally unique. We learned so much with you. This wasn't just some superficial tour but a rich, educational experience. It was also very spiritual. We loved learning through you about St Francis' life and philosophy. And now we're committed "Italophiles"-hope there's such a word! And we've learned to enjoy the moment more because as you said there's no day like this again!

Message number 97

Date: Nov/05/2012

Name: Larry and Holly

Surname: Williams


Dear Rosetta and Fernando, Thank you so much for an amazing stay at your villa. I can’t tell you how much it meant to me and to Larry to be welcomed so warmly by you both. Rosetta, you are an amazing hostess, you always have a smile on your face, and you prepared such nice meals for us! We loved learning from you. Fernando, you have such a heart for what you do. Your passion about your region, it’s history, culture, wine and food is contagious. We were touched by your thoughtfulness. We truly felt like we were friends being received in your home. You and Umbria and Bella Magione are now in are hearts to stay. We miss you already! We won’t ever forget our trip and who knows – we may be back! Enjoy your down time and take care of yourselves. Fondly, Holly (& Larry!) Willams

Message number 96

Date: Oct/16/2012

Name: Laurie and Michael

Surname: Lesick

Country: SC - Usa

Dear Fernando and Rosetta, Michael and I just returned last night from the cruise. We wanted to write you to thank you again for such an outstanding holiday. We truly enjoyed every moment of our stay with you both. It was an unforgettable experience. We certainly hope to see you again in the future, so please keep us in mind for a different adventure. Now that your season is over, Michael and I hope that you get to enjoy some rest and relaxation together. Tell Rosetta we want to see all the new shoes that she will acquire in the next couple of years before we see you again. We miss you both. Laurie and Michael

Message number 95

Date: Oct/04/2012

Name: Lynne and Bill

Surname: Balfour

Country: Ontario - Canada

Hi Fernando and Rosetta. We all just wanted to thank you for our wonderful tour and time at Bella Magione. We loved your home, your company, your dog, your food and the wonderful places you took us to. We would never have found places like Civita or the great places for lunch. Just a magical trip. Thank you so much. Sincerely Lynne and Bill., Penny and Al.

Message number 94

Date: Sep/16/2012

Name: Linda and Dave

Surname: LeGallais

Country: Ontario - Canada

Hello Fernando and Rosetta. We just wanted to send a note to tell you how very much we enjoyed our stay with you. Our entire trip was great! Roma was fabulous with history around every corner and the Amalfi coast was breathtaking. Our stay with you though was very special. We knew we would enjoy our time in Umbria and Tuscany but had no idea what a spiritual journey it would be. Thank you for re:introducing us to St. Francis. We will carry his message in our hearts and try to be better people for it. Again thank you for a wonderful week. If you ever travel to Canada we would love to have you visit. We are very sincere in that. I have sent a few pictures I thought you would enjoy. Enjoy the rest of your season and your trip to Ireland. Give Waltzer a pat for me. Take care. All the best.... Linda and Dave

Message number 93

Date: Sep/12/2012

Name: Linda

Surname: Ely

Country: USA

Email: please ask us for contacts

Fernando and Rosetta, It has been four years since our wonderful visit with you, and I still am overwhelmed with superlatives when I think of it! Just today I was telling a friend that our anniversary celebration AT A CASTLE will not *ever* be topped!! I cannot ever thank you enough for such a fantastic experience. Wish I could hug you both again....Linda

Message number 92

Date: Aug/10/2012

Name: Carl and Tillie

Surname: Myers

Country: Arlington, VA USA

Dear Fernando, today's Washington Post newspaper had a front page story on Monte dei Paschi bank. The article reminded us, again, of the wonderful time we had in Italy thanks to both of you. That first day in Sienna was great and set the stage for a marvelous ten days. We have recounted our trip and your generous hospitality many times to our friends and family. We cannot thank you enough for everything you did for us - it was the perfect vacation and we now appreciate Tuscany and Umbria through your eyes. Best wishes to you both and your family. Saluti, Carl and Tillie

Message number 91

Date: Aug/06/2012

Name: Leonard

Surname: Lambeth

Country: Australia

Rosetta and Fernando. Although nearly 2 years have passed since our trip. it remains a totally unforgetable experience. Your friendship, your knowledge and your professionalism were beyond reproach. I sincerely doubt that we could have had a better trip.

Message number 90

Date: Jul/22/2012

Name: Ray and Joann

Surname: Barker

Country: Florida - Usa

Ciao Fernando e Rosetta, It has been a week since we left your villa and we miss it so much. The two weeks we spent with you was one of the most wonderful and memorable holidays ever for us. The tours Fernando gave us, with all his history and religious knowledge, educated us about Italy, the people and their culture. Rosetta is a most gracious hostess and a fabulous cook. We do not know how to express our thanks enough to you both. Grazie, Saluti! Ray and Joann Barker Lutz, FL

Message number 89

Date: Jun/24/2012

Name: Carol

Surname: Greenwald

Country: Florida - Usa

Hi Fernando, We got back home Thursday evening. Five days in Rome was a bit too much City time after our wonderful time in beautiful Umbria and a little bit of Tuscany. I can't tell you how much we enjoyed staying with you and Rosetta, and all the wonderful places we visited. We know you put a lot of thought into making little changes you thought we would enjoy. I miss those cappuccinos! Although I make two a day for myself, they don't have drawings on them! Regards, Carol

Message number 88

Date: Jun/14/2012

Name: Vicky

Surname: Ballantine

Country: Sydney - Australia

I just wanted to say from that I thoroughly enjoyed our trip across northern Italy. You were as usual a true professional whilst keeping it friendly and relaxed. We all loved it and look forward to another time soon, perhaps closer to your area. Nothing is ever too much trouble,for you and your kindness and care only adds to making your tours so successful and of such a high and interesting standard. Vicky Ballantyne (one of your Aussie girl)

Message number 87

Date: May/26/2012

Name: Debbie

Surname: Sachs

Country: NSW - Australia

Dear Fernando, Thank you for a wonderful week. It was a thrill for me to experience Italy with you and a dream come true. You were a fantastic guide but also a gentleman and I hope a new friend. It is my wish to see you again soon - I would very much like to experience your home town and the area around it. The words thank you and molto grazie are said with much affection and appreciation. Take care of yourself Love Debbie xxxx

Message number 86

Date: May/12/2012

Name: Enrique

Surname: Nagid

Country: Florida - Usa

Buon giorno Rosetta e Fernando, it's been a week since we left and we are still in awe. If any vacation could be called perfect this one has to be the closest. It was not just a vacation but finding a home away from home. It's difficult these days to call family someone we just met, but we felt we had known you all our lives. We hope to see you soon again and that you and your loved ones are well. We miss you. Enrique and Esther P.S. Esther made the tiramisu yesterday and you should be proud that you are such good teacher. It was very good.

Message number 85

Date: Apr/12/2012

Name: Meredith

Surname: Iaconese

Country: Melbourne - Australia

Dear Rosetta and Fernando I want to say an enormous thankyou for allowing us to stay with you in your home, share your life with us and take us to some of the most amazing places in your wonderful country. Not a day goes by without me telling someone about one of the wonderful experiences we shared with you Fernando especially La Verna Sanctuary. Ciao Meredith

Message number 84

Date: Oct/23/2011

Name: Phyllis

Surname: Vragel

Country: Mendon - Usa

What a wonderful trip and memories we have from our stay at your beautiful home. Our week with you and Rosetta was magical. The amount of ground and history we covered was immeasurable. We would be hard pressed to pick out a favorite meal or excursion because there were so many wonderful experiences. We feel so lucky to have found your website and to have spent time with both of you. Thank you again for sharing your home and making our trip so very special. Phyllis

Message number 83

Date: Oct/10/2011

Name: Sandy

Surname: Kastner

Country: Australia

Hello dear Rosetta and Fernando, We never dreamed we would learn so much about Italy and your wonderful food when we decided to tour with you. You looked after us so well on many levels and words are not enough to express our thanks for providing us with such wonderful days sampling Italy's delightful treasures of all kinds. We had the time of our lives and this was the best holiday we've ever had - you spoiled us rotten! Sandy

Message number 82

Date: Sep/02/2011

Name: Toni A.

Surname: Wilson

Country: Delaware - Usa

Rosetta and Fernando: Thank you for everything. Dad, Gary and I had a wonderful time in Italy. We appreciate your kindness and hope to see you again in the near future. Toni

Message number 81

Date: Jun/03/2011

Name: John

Surname: Luttjehuizen

Country: Canada

Italy will be in our hearts forever! Fernando & Rosetta made this special holiday one we will never forget. We went, We saw & We learned, We became part of this amazing country. Your professionalism & hospitality is #1. Thanks so much for a dream come true holiday! John, Janice ,Bev & Joe.

Message number 80

Date: May/28/2011

Name: Neal & Judy

Surname: Janaushek

Country: Usa - NY

Judy and I along with jack, Kathy, Jan and Tom all agree that the two weeks with you and Rosetta will never be duplicated. Simply put, you have set the standard so high that we don't think anyone else can ever match it. We enjoyed every minute of our time that we spent with you, Rosetta and Frederico. We met a strangers two weeks ago and left Italy feeling like we have family there now. Thanks Again for everything!! Neal and Judy

Message number 79

Date: May/22/2011

Name: Kathy and Jack

Surname: O'Brien

Country: Usa

Hi Fernando and Rosetta, We are finally settled back into the real world. When friends ask how the trip was, I say, there are no words good enough to describe it. Where do we start. After I went to Italy the first time, I came home and found this quote in a travel magazine. I love it! Everyone who goes to Italy, sees, feels and tastes it. We see too much, we feel too much, we eat too much. We are stunned and seduced , and never the same. Thanks again for the trip of a lifetime.It can never be duplicated. Both of you made trip so exceptional, and your warmth and friendship

will be remembered forever. Con Amore, Kathy and Jack

Message number 78

Date: May/04/2011

Name: Bryan & Cathie

Surname: Hollowell

Country: USA

Dear Fernando and Rosetta, Absolutely the best vacation we have ver taken. Where does one begin to describe it? The food, the tours, the hospitality. Did I mention the food? Your home is beautiful and you are two fo the kindest people I have ever met. And I have to say that for the 3 days we were in Rome Gary, Terri, Cathie and I were wishing Fernando was there to explain what we were looking at! Grazie from all of us and please give Valzer an extra treat for me.

Message number 77

Date: Apr/27/2011

Name: Phyllis

Surname: Maddox

Country: Usa

Rosetta and Fernando, We loved our visit to Bella Magione. What a great way to feel a part of your wonderful culture in Umbria. The Etruscans know how to show foreigners the best of the best!!! Thank you so much for being patient and understanding with us. You learned in a hurry what we wanted and liked the most. Therefore, we loved every day and night with both of you. Thanks, again, to both of you, Phyllis and Ancel Maddox

Message number 76

Date: Dec/20/2010

Name: Aileen & Harold

Surname: McNair

Country: Australia

Dear Fernando & Rosetta Thank you so much for the wonderful week we spent with you both in your lovely Villa. It certainly was one of the best holidays we have had, so great to experience the real Italian culture. We enjoyed the daily outings with you Fernando and appreciated the way you shared your knowledge and passion of "your Italy" with us. To be taken to so many places that are not on the usual tourist list, not to mention the lunches - made every day a truly unique experience. Then to return home to share a lovely dinner with you, that you had prepared Rosetta, completed the day in such a complimentary way. Hopefully we will back to spend another week with you at some stage. We love looking at our photos and it was interesting watching on TV recently the canonisation in Rome of our first Australian Saint, Mary McKillop, to think that we had been standing at that same spot just weeks previous. Thank you again for your warmth & hospitality and for a really true Italian experience. Ciao Aileen & Harold

Message number 75

Date: Dec/06/2010

Name: Kim Julie Lee & Jan

Surname: Sharrock

Country: Australia

Dear Fernando and Rosetta, We've been meaning to write and thank you for the wonderful week we spent with you both ever since we arrived back home but its really hard to know where to begin, when our holiday had so many wonderful moments! The comfort and beauty of the villa, Rosetta's delicious meals (and cooking demonstrations and shopping trips!) and our fantastic lunches with Fernando, all the knowledge you shared with us about your wonderful country and the gorgeous area that you live in, the special places we visited which we'd have never discovered on our own and those unexpected 'experiences of a lifetime' which we were so lucky to have and share with Kerry & Sue, Bill & Roger! Your warmth, humour, friendship, kindness and generosity made our stay such a memorable holiday - somehow you combined just the right mix of fun, laughter and history with an unexpected touch of heart warming emotion! And after doing it on our own in the weeks leading up to our stay with you, we really enjoyed being driven around and looked after so well - we felt very spoilt and it was so relaxing! We wish you all the very best in the future, think of you often and thank you both so much for such an unforgettable holiday. Please give Valzer a big hug from us all and we hope to meet again one day. Love from Julie, Kim, Lee and Jan

Message number 74

Date: Nov/09/2010

Name: John

Surname: Pearson

Country: USA

Our two-week visit in Italy with Fernando and Rosetta far exceeded our expectations. Bella Magione was lovely, Rosetta's meals were delicious, and the day trips with Fernando displayed his love and knowledge of Umbria and Tuscany. We were treated like family! Beautiful countryside and interesting historical sites filled each day. "Light" lunches in off-the-beaten-track trattoria or ristorante were a daily treat. For us, these two weeks with Fernando and Rosetta set the "gold standard" for travel. Gracie!

Message number 73

Date: Nov/03/2010

Name: Lynn & Chuck

Surname: Woodard

Country: USA

It's been seven months since we had the most fantastic experience of all our traveling...being in the hands of Fernando & Rosetta. It's like we just got back in how we explain how wonderful it was. Another group of our friends have just returned from the same trip. For those of you who are contemplating, DO IT! And, do it WITH Fernando and Rosetta without any mental reservation. You will have the best time; the best of hospitality, beautiful accommodations, a look at cities and towns with an experienced guide, local food and wine that overwhelms as it is so good and plentiful, but all of this with laughter and warm graciousness! This couple strives to 'serve your pleasure' and that is achieved every moment. Read what Myra, our friend who just came back, has to say for it WAS a vacation of a lifetime. Our love and thanks to the perfect host and hostess and, Waltzer! PS There are 'secrets' you cannot share with friends when you get home so they can experience first-hand the AHHHH moments.

Message number 72

Date: Oct/31/2010

Name: Myra

Surname: Toomajian

Country: USA

This was the vacation of a lifetime. Fernando and Rosetta were gracious hosts and couldn't do enough to make our stay truly remarkable. Fernando doesn't just show you "his" Italy, he lets you experience it. You are so steeped in Italian ways that all your senses are touched by it. Every meal was an event with delicious food. We will never have this same experience again. Tell Valzer we miss him, too.

Message number 71

Date: Oct/12/2010

Name: David

Surname: Jones

Country: Usa

Dear Fernando and Rosetta; Marianne and I need you to know how incredible our time together has been. Grazie is not enough for everything you have shared and shown us. You two are blessed by where you live and your graciousness. We have been blessed by all that you have done. Firenze has been wet, but dyred out today. Hope all is going well. We miss Bella Magione molto. Live in peace, David and Marianne

Message number 70

Date: Oct/05/2010

Name: Cate & Andrei

Surname: Tchetchetkine

Country: Australia

Hi Fernandno, Andrei and I have been back 1 week now. It's a public holiday here in NSW and ACT. Just wanted to thankyou so much Fernando for the great tours and your friendliness, it was a wonderful holiday, we loved staying in your beautiful villa with the stunning view. Every day that we ventured out in you minibus was great fun with the other couples, you took us to many interesting places, with the most beautfiul Churches and sculptures. I think my favourite place was La Verna The Sanctuary for St Francies, plus the town of Assis as well. The sactuary really did have a spirtual feeling. Andrei and I both loved Gubbio, and of course I have to say Florence because of all the great shopping as well as the famous statues and churches of course. Fernando it was fantastic that you took us to authentic Italian Restuarants, we loved the olive oil, and have taken note not to fry olive oil but use sunflower oil to fry at home. The food and wine in the Resturants was wonderful, it was so much fun, lots of laughter at lunch at well. We really did get to meet the real Italians and think that was what it was about. Please thank Rosetta for her great meals at dinnertime. Also thank her for showing us how to make the pizza. Rosetta's pizza's were the best! Please let her know I will try to make a pizza like she did! Anway, just once again thanks so much Fernando for giving us the best holiday in Italy, we just love Italy and Italians. Thanks for taking us back to Rome at a good time, it was interesting speaking to Federico as well, he had some interesting stories to tell. Take care and thanks once again. we are glad to be home but we do miss Italy as well! Cheers Cate & Andrei

Message number 69

Date: Sep/23/2010

Name: Kathy, Lawrence and Jack

Surname: Saxton

Country: USA

Fernando and Rosetta, Cheers to the BEST holiday we have ever experienced. Say hello to Valzer too! From Rosetta's wonderful dining attentiveness each night to touring towns each day with you and your grand smile and generous attitude, we still talk about our vacation (and always will). We have shared, with friends and family, the holiday they must take soon. We are thankful for the little trips with Rosetta too! So much fun!! Because of your "full of life" love for Italy, your true love of Umbria and Tuscany now lives in us. We hope to meet again one day. Ciao, Kathy, Lawrence and Jack!!

Message number 68

Date: Sep/12/2010

Name: Vicky (Norma, Annie, Brenda, Christine and Sandra)

Surname: Ballantyne

Country: Australia

Hello Fernando, Rosetta, Valzer and Erica Just cruising through some of your recent testimonials and your website and all those wonderful memories came flooding back so readily. We all still talk avidly of our stay and our culinary, historic & artistic adventures with you and of Rosetta's expertise in cooking up such wonderful delights for us every day - what marvellous presentation as well. Oh how we miss you all. Thank you so much again and I fully applaud and support everything your visitors have had to say since our trip and no doubt will continue to say - best wishes ALWAYS from the Aussie girls (Vicky, Sandra, Annie, Christine, Brenda and Norma)

Message number 67

Date: Jul/07/2010

Name: Deidre

Surname: Carmichael

Country: Australia

Dear Fernando and Rosetta, We had the most wonderful week. Thankyou both for all your care and kindness. Your hospitality was wonderful and it was a privelage to stay in your lovely home. Every day was more special than the previous one. You shared your love of your country, its culture and its history and we felt that we experied the real essence of Umbria and Tuscanny, rather than skimming over the surface as you so often do when visiting another country. We had high expectations for our stay with you and the reality far surparsed our expectations. Good luck in the future, perhaps we will meet again. Deidre

Message number 66

Date: Jun/08/2010

Name: marion flescher

Surname: joseph deitcher

Country: canada

Hi Rosetta and Fernando What a great week You cared for us and helped us see your country through your eyes.How lucky you are to live in such beauty. Thank you for taking such good care of us .We wish you good health and continued success in the future. You are both so kind and thoughtful Marion and Joe

Message number 65

Date: May/30/2010

Name: Beverley and Stanley

Surname: Livshitz

Country: Canada

Dear Rosetta and Fernando. Hope this message finds you both well (waltza too). Both Stan and I would like to thank you so much for the week we spent with you. Your passion and knowledge of your beloved Italy and your wonderful home in Umbria is something we will never forget. The time with you, the food, touring and all the things we have learned is only something that I have always dreamed about. I am a reader of the New York Times and through the years there have been articles about friends gathering together is a wonderful place. Eating, drinking local wines and meeting people from some wonderful town. Now I have my own New York Times article and we have you and Rosetta to thank for this. Hope to stay in touch and I might send you a few pictures. Having dinner with my family tonight. I will not take one sip of wine before I eat. Regards Bev and Stan

Message number 64

Date: May/20/2010

Name: Karen

Surname: Liberman

Country: Canada

My Dear Rosetta and Fernando, David and I are at home and I have finally stopped weeping. I cannot begin to express how much our trip to your beautiful home in Umbria meant to me. It was truly a dream come true. The word that keeps going through my mind is "intimate". I feel that you both shared with all of us "Canadese" your pride and passion for your beautiful Umbrian home. You both symbolize all that is wonderful about Italy and particularly Umbria..honesty, passion, and gentle kindenss. I promise you that this is one trip I will never forget and I will hold in my heart forever. Of course, David will have more to say as soon as he gathers his thoughts. As for me, all I can say is "mille grazie" from the bottom of my heart. Karen

Message number 63

Date: May/12/2010

Name: gloria and norton

Surname: Medline

Country: Canada

There will never be a trip like this one. It was so special. I feel we now have a family in Umbria. You both were so knowledgeable about the foods the wines and the area. We know know how to drink our wine properly. I will tell everyone to check out your web site. You do exactly what you write and much much more. You are most welcome to knock on our door anytime. We want to see you very soon. hugs and kisses gloria and norton

Message number 62

Date: May/06/2010

Name: Cheryl & Craig

Surname: James

Country: USA

Ciao Fernando & Rosetta! We are back home in Arizona...but our hearts are still in Umbria! Our week with the two of you was by far the most special vacation we've ever experienced. The tours, the food, the wine were exceptional, but we took away so much more than that from our stay with you. Most of all the love of the simple things in life....a good meal, great wine....justing being together with those you love. We do seem to get "caught up" in the drudgery of our everyday lives and lose track of what's REALLY important. Thank you both from the bottom of our hearts for reminding us of just what "la dolce vita" really means! If you ever get to Arizona, please be our guests. We will always

Message number 61

Date: Apr/10/2010

Name: Wendy

Surname: Killeen

Country: Australia

Dear Fernando and Rosetta, My thoughts are with you both so often. The week I spent with you exploring Tuscany and Umbria was one of the most extraordinary and enjoyable weeks I have ever experienced. Thank you for making Italy such a special place in my heart. I have some lovely photos which I will send to you when I return to Australia. With kind rergard Wendy

Message number 60

Date: Mar/21/2010

Name: Keith & Lisa

Surname: Miller

Country: USA

Fernando & Rosetta, It has been several months since our trip to Italy (August 2009), and I apologize for not writing something here sooner. Our stay at Villa Magione was absolutely fantastic. The towns and villages we visited were truly amazing and your gracious hospitality was exceptional. Since this was our first trip to Italy, we certainly expereinced the culture, particularly with trips to La Verna and Siena and Rosetta's home cooking. Our daughters still talk about our trip and will have this as a distinct memory as they grow older. Thank you again.

Message number 59

Date: Jan/21/2010

Name: Steve

Surname: Williams

Country: Usa

Thank you sooooo much for the exceptional guided tour. It was better than we had dared hope for, in every way; the meals at home prepared by Rosetta were a genuine treat of authentic Italian cooking each and every time, and the daily trips to the towns and countryside were simply magnificent. It is quite obvious that this is much more than a job for the two of you -- it is a passion and a pleasure, and that shows so well. You are a veritable font of historic information that makes the priceless treasures found throughout your country so much more interesting and meaningful. Whenever we talk about our vacation to Italy we will surely recommend you to anyone considering an Italian vacation, and if we are fortunate enough to ever get to come to Italy again we already know aforehand that we will definitely book with you. Thank you so much for everything. Sincerely, your clients as-well-as friends now, Marion, Melanie, and Steve.

Message number 58

Date: Nov/20/2009

Name: Beth

Surname: Kaplan

Country: Usa

Greetings from California and Many Thanks! Dear Fernando and Rosetta, Wanted to take this opportunity to thank you both for an amazing vacation in Umbria. Rosetta, the accommodations in your beautiful home were lovely and dinner each evening was a delicious experience with good company and conversation, Fernando, I learned so much and experienced so much beauty that is Italy, Umbria and Tuscany, thanks to you, Your perfect planning and easygoing attitude made each day perfect! Going to tell everyone I know about my vacation. Hope you'll get in touch if travelling to California or the western USA. I'm sure I forgot to say all, but this is it for now. Best, Beth

Message number 57

Date: Oct/31/2009

Name: Harry & Kay

Surname: Smith

Country: Australia

Our Week in Umbria - Tuscany Hello Rosetta & Fernando, Just a brief word of thanks for our wonderful experiences with you last week. We are awaiting our flight at Heathrow to Singapore and just wanted to let you know that we really enjoyed our holiday in Tuscany with you. I will write more later, but I just wanted to thank you for everything and to let you know that both Kay and I truly enjoyed the pleasure of your company, your exquisite tours and your delightful hospitality at Villa Magione. A great experience for us and one we will not forget in a long time. And congratulate you for all of the work that you must have put into it to acheive such a great momento. Don't forget if you eventually do make the trip to Australia you must include Perth and let us know when you are coming so we can spend a short time with you. All for now. Our Best Wishes. Harry & Kay.

Message number 56

Date: Oct/01/2009

Name: Liz & Kevin

Surname: Neville

Country: Usa

Ciao from America!! Ahh—Fernando and Rosetta—how we miss you and our time in your beautiful home! We cannot thank you enough for the care and consideration you showed us, not to mention the memories and history and bountiful food! It was truly a memorable trip, and we enjoyed our time with you most of all. Liz and Kevin

Message number 55

Date: Aug/12/2009

Name: Jill

Surname: Harding-Goodson

Country: Usa

Fernando & Rosetta, Thank you for showing us your beautiful country and teaching us how to live like Italians. I have not mastered the Italian way of drinking wine but, I have been cooking with olive oil, balsamic vinegar and salt. Rosetta inspired me to get back in the kitchen. I wish I could find tomatoes as delicious as hers. I love looking at our photos (and laughing) and thinking about all the amazing places we visited and the experiences we shared with you and your family. I hope that on your next visit to the US that you will come see us in Texas. Best Wishes to the entire Scanttini Family (girlfriends included), Jill

Message number 54

Date: Aug/02/2009

Name: Ken

Surname: Harding

Country: Houston - TX - Usa

Dear Fernando & Rosetta: Thank you for a wonderful vacation. Your B & B Villa is super first class and you both treated us so very nice. Your country is very beautiful and you all have such wonderful food. Saluti, Ken

Message number 53

Date: Jul/20/2009

Name: Olivia

Surname: Chattin

Country: USA

Fernando and Rosetta, There are not enough words in my vocabulary to express my gratitude to you both for making my vacation in Italy such a magical experience. I have traveled extensively around the world, but I had never had the personal attention and the care that you offered me during my stay in Villa Magione. Your Villa is amazing; Rosetta’s cooking out of the ordinary and Fernando, your knowledge of the area, the beautiful music in your car on the way to the excursions, the places you showed me, the food, the espresso coffee stops, the gelatos and just everything I experienced with you and Rosetta and of course Walzer was a touch of nothing but magic in my life. The pictures you took are amazing and I get all emotional every time I see them thinking of my wonderful experience with such a lovely couple. I can’t stop talking about the experience and a lot of my friends are already thinking about visiting Villa Magione. The best part is that I have now you as my dear friends. Please come to visit me in Washington, DC.!! Miss you much and I know I will see you again in the not too distant future. Baci e abbracci con tutto il mio amore, Olivia

Message number 52

Date: Jun/30/2009

Name: Lere'

Surname: H

Country: Alabama - Usa

Dear Fernando and Rosetta, We all arrived home safely on Saturday evening - very tired but also happy to see our families. Now we all have to go back to work and our everyday lives, which will be very difficult because for the past two weeks we have been in this magical place called Bella Magione with two wonderful people named Fernando and Rosetta and one very cute dog named Waltzer! Thank you for giving us all memories that will last a lifetime. We saw wonderful places - some that we would never have seen on our own like Civita and La Verna - and we learned so much history. I loved stopping and getting a little bit of history - just enough - before we started sightseeing. We were all inspired to learn more about the people and places Fernando told us about. You both went to so much trouble to accommodate us and to make everybody comfortable and happy, yet you made it look easy and you were both very patient with us - Thank You! This time in Italy will always hold such a special place in our hearts and I hope we will all remember to say "Why not?" a little more often. Remember, you now have friends in Alabama if you ever want to visit. Thank you so much for everything! Arrivederci, Lere'

Message number 51

Date: Jun/22/2009

Name: Adrienne

Surname: Retief

Country: Usa

Dear Fernando and Rosetta; We have all arrived home safely – and are still a little shocked at finding ourselves back in Birmingham after our lovely stay in Italy. It is a trip we will remember forever and we thank you so much for everything you both did to make it so memorable for us! Adrienne

Message number 50

Date: May/30/2009

Name: Hope

Surname: Gallegos

Country: Usa

Buona Sera Fernando & Rosetta, I want you to know you two have been on my mind and conversations since my return. First of all, Fernando you were right again everything went smoothly with the train ride to the airport and the young man you asked to help me with my suitcase did so with no problem! I have been sharing with everybody about my most wonderful vacation at Bella Mangione with Fernando & Rosetta. Once again I want to express my gratitude and much pleasure of having the opportunity to have discovered Bella Mangione owned by the most beautiful, full of life couple ever! I want you to know you both made such a positive impact on me and my new passion for life and family! Grazie, grazie!!! Su amica, Speranza

Message number 49

Date: May/06/2009

Name: Laurie and Harry

Surname: Adams

Country: Texas - Usa

Dearest Fernando and Rosetta, It is so good to hear from you!! I have thought of you so very often and missed you bothWe had such a wonderful adventure with you and truly learned so much about your beautiful country. I am so excited about coming back one day! Anyhow, I hope you are both well---Fernando still sticking to "the little sandwhich" at lunch?? You taught us to really enjoy life a little more and to maybe look at how we choose to spend this precious time we have on this planet. Thank you for all your warmth and generocity....I pray blessings over you and everything you put your hand to--sincerely, Laurie and Harry Adams

Message number 48

Date: Dec/12/2008

Name: Beth

Surname: Raymond

Country: Houston Tx - Usa

Dear Fernando and Rosetta, we have really been missing you both and talking about you every single day!! Come to Texas! I can’t tell you how much we enjoyed our time with you! What an amazing trip! We both agree that it’s the best vacation we’ve ever had! In addition to that, we got to make new friends – we love you both so much! Fernando, please tell Rosetta hello for me! I am going to try to write her a letter in Italian.. Lots of love to you both! Beth and Raymond Walker

Message number 47

Date: Nov/27/2008

Name: Royleen

Surname: Seibert

Country: Kentucky - USA

Fernando & Rosetta, What a wonderful week my friends and I had experiencing Italia! We would have missed so much had we tried to navigate our way through the regions on our own. Fernando, you taught us so much and because of your expertise we were able to incorporate history with what we saw. Each day was fun and we managed to see and do a lot. You and Rosetta have become friends as well as teachers. We look forward to returning to your home and highly recommend your services to others. Thank you for your hospitality, your generousity, and the joyful way you introduced us to the ways of Italia. We look forward to seeing you again. Blessings, Royleen

Message number 46

Date: Nov/20/2008

Name: Jamie

Surname: Esquivel

Country: Alaska – Usa

Buongiorno Fernando & Rosetta I still cannot express my surprise and pleasure at my birthday was the best birthday ever. GRAZIE INFINITE!!!!! You asked us to forget coca cola and french fries and to become Italian for a week. Thanks to the two of you, that was very easy. Now it is hard to for us to leave Italia and return to being American..... I knew that we would enjoy our tour, but I did not know that Italia would get into my heart and soul the way it did. I know that this is because of your kindness and generosity - for you sharing with us the "real Italy" with the history, the food, the wine.....everything. We would have never experienced or enjoyed Italy that way on our own. Your are both so wonderful!!!!! Fino al nostro prossimo incontro. Con Affetto, Jamie

Message number 45

Date: Oct/26/2008

Name: Peter & Merle

Surname: Hoyle

Country: Australia

We spent 6 weeks in Italy as part of a 15 week European holiday, 2 weeks of that was in beautiful Umbria with Fernando and Rosetta at Bella Magione in their lovely villa. We are now home and when asked what was the highlight of our trip (despite seeing some fantastic places), Bella Magione comes at the top of the list. We arrived at Magione by train and it was raining, but a smiling Fernando was there to greet us. When we arrived at the villa, we were then greeted warmly by Rosetta making us feel comfortable right from the start. The villa is just lovely and our room was beautiful, allowing us to enjoy the views of the countryside around Magione. It was unlike anywhere else we stayed at in Italy. We felt like part of the family and we were encouraged to practice our Italian, which we had been learning in Australia. Our daily trips to discover the towns and cities of Umbria and Tuscany were fantastic. The history behind each of the places we visited was a real eye-opener and very interesting to boot. We visited many places where we saw very few other tourists, and Fernando had pre-arranged all our visits to sample the local food and wine. What an experience this was! Trattorias and restaurants where the locals ate, and what fabulous dishes they were. Food that you probably won’t get to try anywhere else and beautiful local wines to wash it down. (the waistline grew a little ). Rosetta would treat us to more delicious food each evening, again keeping with local cuisine. Everything was included in the price, except any souvenirs we wanted to buy. For the two weeks we spent at Bella Magione we were made to feel part of the family and the whole experience was amazing. Saying good-bye was a very sad time, even now as I write this I get a lump in my throat, but I’m sure we’ll meet up with Fernando and Rosetta again. In summary, if you want an extra-special Italian experience, this is the one for you!

Message number 44

Date: Oct/12/2008

Name: Michele and Jim

Surname: Vetting

Country: Colorado – Usa

Dear Fernando and Rosetta, I don't know what happened to the 3 weeks since we've been home, but our time with the two of you at beautiful Bella Magione is still vivid in our minds. We loved it so much - everything about it, and everything we did. I have mailed a more proper thank you note to you, but I still wanted to let you know how much your efforts and hospitality meant to us. What a wonderful memory… Michele and Jim Vetting.

Message number 43

Date: Sep/29/2008

Name: Valerie and Tony

Surname: Coxen

Country: Queensland - Australia

Hello Rosetta and Fernando, Valerie and I are now back in Australia and recovering quickly after the long trip home. Our 3 weeks in France and 1 week in Italy were simply wonderful. It is without doubt the best holiday we have ever had. You both did a fantastic job in making us welcome and introducing us to central Italy with its fascinating history, stunning scenery, and delicious food. We enjoyed every moment and were sad to leave but, who knows, perhaps one day we will have the opportunity to visit “Bella Magione” once again. Our warmest regards to you both, Valerie and Tony

Message number 42

Date: Sep/09/2008

Name: Vicky

Surname: Ballantyne

Country: Australia

Dear Fernando and Rosetta. We 6 ladies came to Italy & spent a week at your villa. We felt so welcomed by you and so much like part of your family. You showed us truly the grandest time, even your former house, before Bella Magione. We saw sights unbelievable, ate food at your home and away to just die for. It was definitely the most superb and memorable part of our 4 week visit to Italy, to celebrate Brenda's 50th. What a spectacular night you made out of that!! Many, many thanks. We really hope to meet up with you again if you come to Australia for YOUR break. Congratulations you really are no. 1. Missing you: Vicky (Annie, Sandra, Norma, Christine and Brenda)

Message number 41

Date: Aug/18/2008

Name: Judy & Brian

Surname: Marks

Country: Melbourne - Australia

Hello Rosetta & Fernando, Firstly we want to say what a wonderful time we had with you both at Bella Magione. It was everything we could have expected & much more & you we both absolutely wonderful; we really did feel part of your family & appreciated so much being taken into your home & to receive your wonderful Umbrian hospitality. The memory of you both; the scenery, the colours; the hills , the valleys & the place we visited in Tuscany & Umbria will always be with us, & as for the food, the wine ( & the olive oil of course) well what can we say; it was just sensational. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Judy & Brian

Message number 40

Date: Jul/02/2008

Name: Joanne

Surname: De Lorenzo

Country: Victoria - Australia

Dear Fernando and Rosetta, Just letting you know I have arrived home safely in Australia I had no trouble taking the train to the airport, collecting my luggage and catching the plane. I actually flew to Dubai via Milan, so I got see even more of Italy than I bargained for. I am also writing to thank you both with all my heart for the fantastic holiday you gave me, I actually relaxed and I really enjoyed staying with you because you made us feel part of the family. My family were happy to see me home but I did cry a little when the plane took of from Rome Airport because I loved Italy so much. Thank you Rosetta for all the beautiful meals you presented to us I am going to try making some of your recipes. Thank you Fernando for the journey through Umbria and Tuscany. To you all Thank you for the most wonderful two weeks of my life I will cherish this for the rest of my life. Lots of Love to you all Joanne xxxxxx

Message number 39

Date: Jun/16/2008

Name: Annette

Surname: Asselin

Country: Quebec – Canada

Fernando and Rosetta you made my holiday a dream come true. I don't know why, but for as long as I can remember I have dreamed about seeing Italy. Now that I have been there I will always keep it's memories in my heart. Thank you both for making this trip such a warm and welcome stay at your beautiful Villa, and thank you for your constant and beautiful smiles, it is so comforting to know that people like you exist in this world and that I had the pleasure of meeting you. I hope to return one day to your Bella Magione. Until then, Love and best wishes always to you and your family. Annette.

Message number 38

Date: Jun/07/2008

Name: Judy

Surname: Knight

Country: Ontario – Canada

I want to say to Rosetta and Fernando, a very special thank you for making my dream of Italy come true and for providing me with the most MAGICAL vacation that I could have ever hoped for. You are both the most wonderful host and hostess and have provided with me memories that will last a lifetime. Your villa is like my home, you made me feel very comfortable. Rosette you are a wonderful lady and such a chef. You as a couple set such an example of what happiness is. I will remember you forever. I will expect you to come to visit me and stay in my condo. I will cook for you and show you some of my town. I will say goodbye for now and will be in touch again. Thank you all for making my stay so delightful. Also please say Ciao to Lionelle Ritchie...... Xoxoxo Judy

Message number 37

Date: May/25/2008

Name: Charlie & Bunnie

Surname: Philipp

Country: Tx – Usa

Hi, Fernando, we returned home yesterday evening about 8:00PM our time. we really had a great time with you and Rosetta. We have never had such good food and wine in our lives! Your showing us around was the best of our trip! Thank you and Rosetta again for your great hospitality! We will be spreading the word around here for you. We sure hope to see you all again before too much time passes. You and Rosetta are always welcome here at our home. Please feel free to show us as a reference on your web site. With deep appreciation, Charlie & Bunnie.

Message number 36

Date: May/10/2008

Name: Judy

Surname: Stanek

Country: Alaska – Usa

Rosetta & Fernando, Thank you again for the wonderful week spent with you at your beautiful home. The places we visited, the food and drink we had, and the people we met were all wonderful. I am enjoying reviewing my pictures and writing a diary. I will certainly recommend your home and Umbria as a MUST DO place to visit… Judy.

Message number 35

Date: Apr/27/2008

Name: Jim and Carol

Surname: Goettl

Country: Ga - USA

Dear Fernando and Rosetta, Thanks you for the wonderful time you showed us during our Birthday Celebration for Michele. It was PERFECT! We all really enjoyed ourselves. The party was the best. I think Michele could hardly believe herself. You both made the trip very special. I would like to invite you to visit next time in America. Jim and Carol.

Message number 34

Date: Apr/18/2008

Name: Nancy

Surname: Williams

Country: Ga - Usa

Rosetta and Fernando, Many, many thanks for the wonderful hospitality provided by you! We will have many warm and wonderful memories of our trip thanks to you. The food was wonderful and I have told many people of the wonderful luxury of an escorted tour to the many historic and interesting places that we visited. Please let me know if you will be in my area of the US whenever you do return. I would love to host you at my house should you visit this area. Very warmest regards, Nancy

Message number 33

Date: Nov/12/2007

Name: Steve & Marlene

Surname: Kramer

Country: USA

To those considering visiting Fernando & Rosetta and have read the other testimonials, I would say that they don't adequately describe what a wonderful and unique experience is in store for you. In all of our travels, we have never experienced such warmth. Fernando and Rosetta provide a rich environment in which to experience Italy away from the tourist hordes. The tours were wonderfully enriching, the food was top notch, the company, the best. I believe to really describe our experience, we would have to invent new adjectives. I thank them and carry away great memories and a little remorse that our time together was so brief.

Message number 32

Date: Oct/30/2007

Name: Tommie

Surname: Folk

Country: Usa

Dear Rosetta and Fernando, What a great time we had in Italy but the highlight of our trip was definitely the time we spent with you all. I felt like we were royalty as everything we wanted was provided for us. It was wonderful to see Italy through the eyes of Italians.....we went to so many interesting and unique places that others (like tour groups) don't even know exist. We especially enjoyed getting to know you all....I feel like you are part of our family! When we tell our friends about of experience, they can't believe it. I can tell they know we had the trip of a lifetime... I sure hope too see you all in the States in February or March. Take care and thank you so much for all you did to make our trip so special and terrific (remember that means fabulous). Fondly, Tommie

Message number 31

Date: Oct/19/2007

Name: Tina

Surname: Luce

Country: United States

Dear Fernando and Rosetta: What a wonderful, wonderful, glorious time we all had at your beautiful villa. We all agreed, this was the most fabulous vacation we have ever taken and want to come back right away! Your warmth and hospitality knows no bounds and for that we are ever so grateful. You made Carol's 60th birthday truly memorable, and the extra care you took with our 80 year old mother was nothing short of magnificent. Grazie, Grazie, Grazie!

Message number 30

Date: Sep/21/2007

Name: Arline

Surname: Colwes

Country: Usa California

Dear Fernando and Rosetta, Thank you for opening your lovely home and hearts to us. We enjoyed all the wonderful sites and delicious food. Fernando, you were so patient with us. Rosetta, you are a doll and an excellent cook. Our visit was too short. Fernando, you took us to places that "normal" tourist don't visit and they were beyond our expectations. Thank you for celebrating my 71st Birthday, I will never forget it. That was my best birthday ever!! I appreciate you making me feel like part of your family. I have told many friends and family about Bella Magione and how warm, kind and what great fun you both were. I miss you both (also your neighbor) and hope to see you again someday. Ciao, Arline

Message number 29

Date: Sep/16/2007

Name: Darlene

Surname: Hall

Country: Usa

Dear Fernando and Rosetta, we both totally enjoyed ourselves at Bella Magione. You both are excellent host in every way. Our touring was informative and very interesting. You both went that extra mile in all that you do for your guests. The trip left me dreaming of returning to Tuscany and Umbria. The countryside is a feast for your eyes--everywhere you look--a beautiful landscape. I wish you both continued success in all that you do in the future. Sincerely yours, Darlene Hall

Message number 28

Date: Aug/24/2007

Name: Vince & Rosemary

Surname: Godfrey

Country: Australia

Dear Rosetta & Fernando, Vince & I would like to say how much we enjoyed our time with you & your family. We gained so much insight into your culture, delicious food & history during our tour. Thank You for allowing us to share with your family & your lovely neighbor. We hope your business is thriving. We miss our travels & the many great times we experienced. Love & Best Wishes, Vince & Rosemary Godfrey.

Message number 27

Date: Jul/30/2007

Name: Carl and Carole

Surname: Geuther

Country: Usa

Hi Fernando. We are safely back in the US and still thinking about our vacation. Carole, Sharon and I just wanted to thank you again for a truly outstanding time. Bella Magione is beautiful and your family is terrific. You and Rosetta managed to exceed our expectations. After a week with you, we felt almost like natives of Umbria and Tuscany. Thanks again and take care of yourselves Carl and Carole

Message number 26

Date: Jul/16/2007

Name: Anna and Bob

Surname: MacDonald

Country: CANADA

My dear Rosetta and Fernando: Arrived home safe and sound after three glorious days in Rome. We wanted to let you know that the time we spent with you at your beautiful home was one of the greatest highlights of our trip to Italy. I so enjoyed your company Rosetta and especially in the kitchen and outback drinking some of the greatest wines. You both travel at such high speed to make sure that your guests are comfortable and well fed. Please slow down, I want you to be there next time we visit Italy. Our time with Elana was wonderful. She is certainly the right person for your employee. We will send her a note as well. I have purchased your CD's that I promised as a gift from us for your hospitality. I hope you will play the music while you are cooking Rosetta and think of me. Once again, thank you , thank you and thank you a million times over. We hope someday you will visit with us. If you get a chance, please keep in touch. Your friends Anna and Bob MacDonald

Message number 25

Date: Jul/12/2007

Name: Ruth and Bill

Surname: BRACEY

Country: Australia

When we booked our week at Bella Magione on the 'net we were a little apprehensive as we were very much newcomers to 'net bookings, and we hoped that it would all work out. Our week with Fernando and Rosetta in Umbria and Tuscany far exceeded our hopes and expectations. From the moment we met them they welcomed us like family and we spent the most wonderful week being looked after by them in their lovely villa. Fernando took us to places we would never have visited on the "normal" tourist routes. All of our meals, without exception, were superb, whether home cooked by Rosetta, or at restaurants personally chose by Fernando, and often these were in places only available because of his depth of local knowledge. Fernando and Rosetta are most obliging people with a great sense of humour, and daily, in fact almost hourly, they go the extra mile. We have been telling our friends about Bella Magione and urging them to visit Fernando and Rosetta. We hold hopes of organising a small group of our friends to visit F & R so that we may be able to tag along for a repeat of what has to be our best holiday EVER. Fernando and Rosetta lei e molto gentile. Ciao, Ruth and Bill Bracey

Message number 24

Date: Jul/12/2007

Name: Ralph

Surname: Mastrangelo

Country: New York - Usa

Dear Fernando and Rosetta, I do not know how to begin to thank you both for your warmth, caring and exceptional hospitality. We all agreed that this was the most spectacular way to enjoy all of the sites, tastes, customs and people of Italy. You truly have an incredible villa and the meals were wonderful - tasty and plentiful. Rosetta- you are a fabulous cook!!!!!!!! The wine selection was excellent and very diverse. The little surprise you gave us for our 25th wedding anniversary brought tears to our eyes and was so heartwarming and touching!. It was a perfect ending to a perfect vacation - we would like to have stayed another week or two if only time permitted. If Simon and Harvey are still there please give them a hearty hello from all of us. The "crazy" Americans truly enjoyed their company. Till we meet again, Warmest regards, Ralph, Jude, Rachel, Sarah and Christina Mastrangelo

Message number 23

Date: Jul/10/2007

Name: Buster and Karen

Surname: GRIGGS

Country: Anchorage - Alaska - Usa

Dear Fernando and Rosetta, CONGRATULATIONS! Bella Magione is the winner of Our Best Vacation Ever award. We look forward to returning and also to seeing you here in the USA. from the Frozen Edge of the Continent, Buster and Karen Griggs Anchorage, America

Message number 22

Date: Jul/04/2007

Name: Daniels & Maria

Surname: Knoll

Country: Puyallup - Washington - Usa

Our friends Rosetta & Fernando, even though I wasn't born in Italy, I have carried a small part of it in my heart all of my life. You both have made this trip beyond our dreams. It saddens us to leave but we know for sure you will always be in our hearts and mind. We will return to Italy after you visit us in Washington! May God always bless you with the love of family, good health and caring friends. Truly yours, Maria & Daniels

Message number 21

Date: Jun/12/2007

Name: Chuck & Sarah

Surname: Irle

Country: Georgia - Usa

Dear Rosetta & Fernando, after Fernando dropped us off at the Hilton Hotel we spent four wonderful days in Rome. Hilton upgraded us to a beautiful executive suite. ( Fernando probably told them "Mr. President" was checking in.) On June 1 we boarded our cruise ship, Galaxy, and spent 10 days cruising the Mediterranean. The ship visited ports at Missina, Mykonos, Ephesus, Santorini, Rhodes, Athens, Naples and then back to Civitavecchia. After disembarking the Galaxy on June 12 we took an early train to Pisa and had an enjoyable afternoon and evening exploring the central part of the city. We enjoyed each part of our holiday (Tuscany, Umbria, Rome and the cruise) but nothing was as enjoyable as the time spent with you, Rosetta and Fernando, in Bella Magione. I have already recommended your lovely villa and hospitality to several people. A few of your brochures would have come in handy. A couple from the state of Washington was especially interested. When talking to them I didn't have anything with your address, but gave them enough information to find you. Sarah and I want you to know that we have never experienced a more enjoyable vacation. I hope we can do it again sometime. Warm regards, (saluti) Chuck & Sarah

Message number 20

Date: Jun/12/2007

Name: Cathy

Surname: Gillia

Country: Connecticut - Usa

Dear Fernando and Rosetta, Hello and how are you? All is well here- Joanna started her job and is living in Manhattan. The rest of my family is fine and enjoying the summer. How I miss Magione! We had the best time with you all- your kindness in everything you both did for us- even your understanding with the dogs-hahaha. Your warm hearts and knowledge made our trip so much to remember. I showed so many people your CD and they just loved it! My Dad loved it so much he wants to call you. I am not kidding either. He was so impressed with the time you put into all those pictures, the music - he couldn't get enough of it!!! I couldn't help but recommend your place to anyone and everyone!!! I really can't say enough! I promise one day my husband and I will return but until then, I can only dream......... My very best to you and Rosetta and keep up the good work- your run an awesome, first class experience. Again best regards to you, Rosetta and Waltzer! Stay in touch Cathy

Message number 19

Date: Jun/12/2007

Name: Peter

Surname: Pisaneschi

Country: IL - Usa

Fernando & Rosetta I would like to thank you for a very enjoyable time 6 / 17 to 23, 2007 at Bella Magione. It met all of my expections and exceeded many. Your very personal attention to details was extraordinary. The villa is beautiful & comfortable. Food was outstanding. My comliments to Rosetta. All of the trips were very good. I had been to Siena & Assisi last year with a large tour group. These cities looked very different with this smaller group & the access with the van versus a bus. The lunches were outstanding. A very nice way to experience the food & people of Italy. The DVD made from tour photos with music blended in made a very special memento that I will enjoy for years. Thanks again. Tu amico Peter Pisaneschi

Message number 18

Date: May/16/2007

Name: Keith & Maureen

Surname: Hallett

Country: Australia

Dear Rosetta & Fernando, it is impossible to express how grateful we are for the experience we have been fortunate to share with you in the past two weeks. You have opened your home and your hearts and made us feel like one of the family. We will always treasure the memories. Our home will always be open for you, if you ever come down under. Our love to you both with many thanks, Keith & Maureen

Message number 17

Date: May/06/2007

Name: Marcelo A.

Surname: Gumucio

Country: California - Usa

Bella Magione is more than a beautiful house. By their close attention to detail and by taking into consideration your individiual needs, Fernando and Rossetta have made it a delightful "home away from home". If you have fond childhood memories of the times you viisited your grandparents in the summer, you will feel the same way after your stay at Bella Magione. Marcelo A. Gumucio

Message number 16

Date: Apr/02/2007

Name: Vi and Bill

Surname: Adlam

Country: Australia

Dear Rosetta & Fernando, our stay at Bella Magione has been all that we had hoped for. Hosts who are warm, kind, generous and great fun. Surroundings that have been comfortable and very beautiful. Great food and wine and an introduction to Italian history and culture as well as everyday life in Umbria. We now feel more prepared for the rest of our tour of your lovely country. Grazie Vi & Bill Adlam

Message number 15

Date: Jan/01/2007

Name: Rich and Marcia

Surname: Grau

Country: Tucson AZ

Thanks You for Being Such Wonderful Hosts! Fernando and Rosetta, We cannot stop telling our friends what wonderful hosts you were when we stayed at Bella Magione in November this year. We have such wonderful memories of the beauty and incredible places you took us in Tuscany and Umbria. You made us feel so very special touring the many splendid sights of the Italian countryside. The fall colors were spectacular—a perfect time to visit Italy. You introduced us to so many non-tourist places it was evident that your meticulous planning ensured that we saw the places so special to your heart. But probably what will remain so close to us were the wonderful conversations we had at your table over meals prepared by Rosetta. Those times made us feel as if we were part of your family and I know Bob and Jane and Jim and Janis felt the same way. You both have such a special way to make people feel welcome and at home. Thanks you so much and may the peace of this season remain with you during the coming year. If you make it to the States please come and visit us in Tucson. Fond regards, Rich and Marcia Grau

Message number 14

Date: Dec/20/2006

Name: Bob and Jane

Surname: Thall

Country: Usa

Dear Fernando and Rosetta Jane and I wish you two a healthy and merry Christmas and New Year. We want you to know we thoroughly enjoyed our time in your home and that your warmth and professionalism as Host and Hostess was superb. We appreciated your thoughtfulness and attention to detail which made our six days in Umbria something we will cherish forever. We look forward to seeing some more of the photographs you, Fernando, took. Thank you both for being so friendly and kind. We hope to see you in the future. I will recommend to everyone going to Italia that they should spend time with you two in the wonderful Bella Magione B & B. Happy Holidays, Bob and Jane Thall

Message number 13

Date: Dec/01/2006

Name: Jim and Janis

Surname: Parks

Country: Usa - Arizona

Buon Giorno our Italian friends, We can't express the graditude and appreciation we have for your personal attention to make our time in your home a memorable experience. We came wanting to get to see Italy and instead we experienced what it is to be Italian and live in your beautiful Umbria. Janis' only regret is she had to come home. So we see more visits to Italy in our future. Fernando your ability to match sights to our needs was outstanding. When people ask how our trip was, we have a difficult time saying what was our favorite part, except our stay with you and Rosetta. We will always remember your smile and warmth and the sly way you got us to try different foods. And just when you think it can't get better, your lovely wife, Rosetta, is on the scene. Her energy and love of wanting to share is wonderful. How she serves each delicious meal she cooks was an experience that we will forever remember. It has changed some of our habits when we eat at home. Rosette said once we have eaten in the kitchen, you are now home. My grandma said the same, and we agree. Italy, but especially Belle Magione will always be like home in our hearts. Friends have asked if we would suggest your place, and we tell them to only go if they want to really experience Italy, willing to be treated like roalty and fall in love with it and the people. We know we will be back to Belle Magione. We hope graduation went well for your son. We know how proud you both are of their accomplishments. We just had graduation from the University for our youngest daughter. As soon as we get our more than 1000 pictures sorted out, we will send you some we know you didn't get to take. Please know that we would love to have you come visit us anytime. We could show you what the USA desert is all about. Fondly, Jim and Janis Parks

Message number 12

Date: Nov/01/2006

Name: Dennis M

Surname: Eddy

Country: Usa - California

Dear Rosetta and Fernando, we like to express to both of you, from the bottom of our hearts, how much we appreciated the week we spent in October in your Villa and the time and attention to details that went into the preparation for that week with the planning process starting six months before the visit. You said during the planning process you "will take care of us like we were your relatives or your friends" and this is exactely the way we felt during our time with you. Every sight and dining experience was memorable and that resulted from the beauty of your countryside combined with the cooking of Rosetta along with the cooking of your friends and acquaintances was sites we visited! We really enjoyed the sights around Caprese Michelangelo and thought our lunch at "Il Rifugio" was one of the finest meal I have head in my life. The entire experience was very relaxing and your treatment of us confirms the reason there is a continuing love affair between the Americans and Italians such as yourselves! Again thank you so much for your time and energy during that week and we will look forward to visiting with our new Italian friends in the future.

Message number 11

Date: Sep/21/2006

Name: Harvey

Surname: Gould

Country: London

We have spent 8 wonderful days in the Bella Magione, we often talk about 5 star luxurious hotels but this goes beyond that. Rosetta and Fernando & family have made our stay one the most enjoyable, and their hospitality and friendship knows no bounds. We will certainly return, God willing, next year. Thank you, Thank You ..

Message number 10

Date: Aug/11/2006

Name: Simon

Surname: Goldstein

Country: London

We arrived as guests we left as friends! Being here was just like being at home. We very much hope we will be back next year for the festival if not before. Thank you very much for everything

Message number 9

Date: Jul/08/2006

Name: Alice and Grant

Surname: Burton

Country: Canada

So much more than a B&B ! The rooms, pool and other facilities are great. The breakfast is beautiful. But what really stands out is the hospitality of Rosetta & Fernando who truly do welcome you in their home. Alice and Grant Burton

Message number 8

Date: Jul/08/2006

Name: Peggy and Percy

Surname: Eastham

Country: Canada

Bella Magione is a splendid villa in a quiet and scenic location. The lovely garden, well appointed rooms and above all the charming hosts made our stay a memorable one. We higly recommend it. Peggy and Percy Eastham

Message number 7

Date: Jun/07/2006

Name: Betty and Skip

Surname: Hoffmann

Country: Usa

Betty and I often speak of the enjoyable stay that we had in your villa in Magione. Your persnal involvement is what made the stay and the tours so plesant. Betty and I wish you both the utmost of success for the future.

Message number 6

Date: May/12/2006

Name: Randy and Sandy

Surname: Marlowe

Country: Texas

We spent two wonderful weeks in Italy. We started in Rome seeing many of the sites there then took the Euro Rail to Venice. We Spent two wonderful days there then boarded the train again for Florence. After two days we were picked up in Florence by our remarkable hosts for the rest of our trip, Fernando & Rosetta Scattini. We spent a week with them at their villa in Umbria. They took us all over Tuscany and Umbria and showed us a grander time than we could have ever imagined.Randy and Sandy

Message number 5

Date: Mar/09/2006

Name: Larissa and Antonio

Surname: Martelleto

Country: Brazil

We are from Brazil, and last February we spent a week with Fernando&Rosseta. We were not quite sure about going by ourselves or taking the escorted trip with them. We finally chose to be with them, but we didn't know what to expect. Now we know we couldn't have made a better choice. We could recommend them for living in a very nice villa and close to many touristy points of our interest. We could recommend them for their knowledge on Italian history and habits. We could also recommend them for the many wonderful meals they offered us (we can’t forget one special dinner with Fernando, Rosseta, their sons and their funny old neighbor). We could recommend them for all of those. But above all, we recommend them for being such a special family, who made us feel at home. It was an unforgettable trip, specially because of them.

Message number 4

Date: Jan/31/2006

Name: Becky & Walt

Surname: Dus

Country: USA

Rosetta and Fernando were absolutely wonderful during our stay in Italy, providing many more suggestions for things to do and places to see than we could manage. Beautiful villa, wonderful hosts and great food, plus a knowledge and appreciation of the beauty and history of Italy's towns. A week or two with Rosetta and Fernando promises to be one of the best vacations you could ever have.

Message number 3

Date: Nov/30/2005

Name: JoAnne & Jim

Surname: Davis

Country: USA

We had the pleasure of meeting and dining with Rosetta and Fernando at their beautiful villa. The food was superb but the company was even better! We can highly recommend a stay with this dynamic couple who will undoubtably show you an Italy you will never find on any tour!

Message number 2

Date: Nov/28/2005



Country: USA

We had a wonderful time in your lovely villa. It is warm and comfortable and the terrace was a lovely place for breakfast and watching the sun rise and set.

Message number 1

Date: Nov/27/2005

Name: Bret

Surname: van Leeuwen

Country: Utah

Ahhhh, the quiet countryside of Umbria and Tuscany. Magione is very close to all the historic sites, museums, and "tourist" attractions if that is what you want to fill your days. If you like quaint medieval towns and eating with the locals, Magione is right in the middle of it. Rosetta attends to your every need like a bumble bee takes care of its flowers. Each detail down to the pasta plates from local artisans will make your stay at Bella Magione simply marvelous. Tours with Fernando are like visiting your best friend's home town. He will take you down streets pre-dating Christ, show you historic points of interest, provide archeological and architectural insight, and do it with a song in his voice and a passionate twinkle in his yes. He not only knows the best wine and olive oil, he can show you where they are grown, and probably introduce you to the owner of the vineyard. Do yourself a favor and experience Bella Magione. For your honeymoon, a family vacation, or a trip with friends, there is no better way to see the real Tuscany or Umbria. .....And if the season in right, Rosetta may even let you find a truffle or two in the vegetable garden just outside her kitchen. That's where she selects many of the ingredients for your flavorful meals. Bret Van Leeuwen Alpine, Utah

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